Power Sources and Appliances That Make Human Life Easier

Caterpillar diesel generators.

Human life is greatly dependent upon energy that is derived from some efficient power supply and devices. However, it is not always possible to be dependent on a continuous source of electricity. For example, to meet diverse electric power needs like emergency standby, we need generators. In a similar way, there are several electronic devices which are used in various fields to meet the power supply.

Let us know about a few of them.


You must be aware that a generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy using an external circuit. Generators serves a pivotal role in fulfilling power needs of human in diverse fields like healthcare facilities, manufacturing companies, commercial, businesses, data centers, construction sites, telecommunication, residential buildings and so on. Generators come in various designs & accessories, and some of the most popular ones are Caterpillar diesel generators.

cat engines

image: cat.com

Automatic transfer switches

Transfer switches are electrical switches that adjust the load amidst two power sources. Some transfer switches functions manually, while some are automatic and get activated when one of the sources loses or gains power. An automatic transfer switch is installed near the backup of the generator. It provides temporary electrical power in case utility source stops. It is why they make an important part of any emergency power generation system.


The apparatus responsible for controlling, protecting and switching the electrical circuits or equipment is known as switchgear. The term switchgear is a broad term which is used to refer a range of products like switches, switch fuse units, HRC fuses, contractors, off-load isolators and so on.


UPS or uninterruptible power supply ensures a ceaseless transition between grid and standby power. It is an electrical apparatus which provides emergency power to a load in case main power fails. It is usually used to protect hardware like data centers, computers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment.

Marine engines



A boat needs an incessant power supply. There are so many works that exclusively depends on a reliable energy source. Broadly there are two options:

  1. Workboats – they function on cat engines that keep the boats working.
  2. Pleasure craft – they are designed by keeping the high demands of voyages. They provide a reliable source of power.

Industrial Engines

Industrial engines are used to power that equipment which is needed to pump, carry, dig, pull, push or move. Comes in various shapes and sizes, they are used to host a number of applications like – marine, agricultural equipment, firefighting pump sets, mining & construction, material handling, rail cars and so on.

Scania Engine

Scania Engine

Industrial engines are broadly of three types – diesel, petrol, and natural gas. They are extensively used as commercial engines and functions as important parts in diverse industries.

Let’s go through some of its popular application.

Irrigation pump systems

Irrigation pump engines are highly used commercial engines by farmers. Run on diesel, these engines are quite practical where there is absence of electrical grid.

Transport vehicles

At present, the majority of heavy transport vehicles like truck and buses use industrial diesel engines. Transportation is a crucial part of our lives, and it cannot be run without the help of industrial engines. Sectors like telecom, e-commerce are extremely dependent on transport vehicles and similarly on industrial engines.

Mini diggers

To dig deep in the land (especially in small places), mini diggers are used. Mini diggers are powered by industrial machines and offer digging at great force. They come very practical for various companies belonging to real estate, telecom industry, etc.

These are some of the power sources and appliances that make immense human tasks and works in diverse sectors easy and convenient.

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