Preparation for Cervical Surgery in India

Damage to the spine

When the bones of the spine (vertebrae) undergo deformity or degeneration, or when the nerves become pinched, the person experiences a pain in the back. For minor complaints, proper care and physiotherapy can cure the patient completely. But when this is not possible, one must have surgery to correct the symptom.

The symptom of pain or tingling in the back or lower back is associated with the cervical spine. The vertebrae have a protective sacrum and nerves that spread out through the back region. When the vertebral bones or discs are free to move and healthy, your spine has flexibility. And when they are damaged, the person is unable to move freely. The aim of the spine surgery is to relieve the pain and tingling sensation. One has to bear the cost of the surgery. The best cervical spine surgery cost in India is Rs10,000 as compared to Rs58,000 in the US.


Medical conditions that can be corrected

  • Cervical deformity: Swan neck deformity or hyperlordosis is the deformity present in the cervical spine. This spine injury can be stabilized and the bone strengthen through spine surgery.
  • Degenerative disc disease: In this medical condition, the cushion or sacs between the discs decrease and herniation occurs. This results in numbness, tingling, pain, and you become weak.
  • Injuries dislocations and fractures: When the spinal cord undergoes fracture, surgery can help to rectify the damage.

Preparing for the surgery

Though you may not be able to exercise or get into shape, there are a few things that will help you. One is to stop smoking if you are a smoker. It interferes with the healing of the bone graft.

Next thing is to have a physical examination. You must do this at least 10 days before the surgery. The surgeon will ask for your blood work, EKG, medical history, and urine analysis.

Keep the home in the condition you want when you return from surgery. Keep things within hands reach and without bending. Get prepared for the hospital with a bag that has warm clothes, your toiletries, health insurance card, and debit card for payments.

Next donate blood. There is chance that there will be loss of blood. If you cannot, then arrange for blood in your name.

Types of surgeries

Posterior cervical decompression surgery: This is done from the back of the neck. When the disc herniation is to the side of the spinal cord, the surgeon will prefer this kind of surgery. More often, this microdisectomy is performed to cure leg pain and is known as radiculopathy.

Anterior Cervical Corpectomy: This spine surgery is done to remove the disc and the disc space. The surgeon will suggest this course of action when the cervical disease has damaged the disc and the space.

Cervical spine surgery recovery time

The usual time involves a stay at the hospital for seven days at least. After one or two days, the patient is made to walk. By doing so, he or she reduces the risks of blood clots. Usually, the patient needs to wear a collar brace. Once the patient reaches home, they must avoid lifting heavy weights (10 pounds) for up to six weeks.

You can perform cervical spine surgery in India at low cost at the best hospitals in India. Check with the doctor and fix an appointment.

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