The Prize of Loyalty: Loyalty Programs and Why They are Good for Your Business

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If you’re a frequent shopper of a particular store because you like the dresses or a loyal customer of your local coffee shop because you’re a fan of their Frappé coffee, perhaps the management has already offered you a loyalty or membership card.

Make no mistake. Loyalty programs are highly useful for any business. Sure, it’s okay if new customers come to your shop every day. However, loyal customers pay as much as 67% more than the average random window shopper. If you noticed frequent shoppers in your shop, it’s high time to start devising a loyalty program.

Read on to know more about loyalty programs, how you can use this strategy, and what you can offer to your loyal customers for maximum advantage in your business.

What is a loyalty program?

The primary function of the loyalty program is to offer recognition to your customers as loyal shoppers. People don’t expect any reward when they’re shopping or buying something in your store. If you give them something in return, it can motivate them because they’ll feel good that you’ve noticed them and they’ll also receive an unexpected item or reward from you.

This program can also help you assess what your customers want. You’ll know specific information about what types of food or products do they usually buy, and how frequently do they purchase the items.

It also offers you an advantage over your competition. If other stores sell the same products that you do for approximately the same price, customers might prefer buying from your store because of the points or rewards that they’ll get from their purchases.

What are the benefits of a loyalty program for your business?

Once you start letting your customers know about your loyalty program, the frequent shoppers can avail of your chosen strategy, such as stamp cards or a loyalty card. Once they start earning points, this can offer benefits for your business.

# Ensured Loyalty

Your customers now have their cards, and this can encourage them to stick to your shop when purchasing items. The more things they’ll buy, the more points that they’ll get. If they visit your shop more frequently, then it’s easier for them to gather more points or stickers for their loyalty cards.

# More Sales

If you offer cool items or discounted offers as your rewards, it will encourage your customers to get points for their cards. They’re buying your products, but they’re also gaining something in return, so it’s a win-win situation for the both of you.

# Knowledge of your customer’s preferred products

You’ll get to know your customer’s preferences when it comes to products. You can assess what type of coffee do they like to buy, or what brand of laundry detergent do they purchase weekly.

You can also use your loyalty program to introduce new products for your customers. You can try offering a particular brand of fabric conditioner as a reward if your customer has accumulated three stamps for purchasing the same brand of laundry powder.

# Wider marketing strategy

If your business gets an excellent reputation for new and exciting rewards when it comes to your loyalty programs, it can lead your customers to share their experience with their friends, family, or colleague.  

You can also think of additional ways for your customers to gain points, such as bringing a friend for an extra reward or a more significant discount on their next purchase.

# Customer satisfaction

Loyalty programs let your customers feel that you value them because you’re offering rewards for their purchases. If they’re happy with the prized that you give out, they might stay loyal to your business for a long time.

How can you implement a useful loyalty program for your business?

If you’ve concluded that a loyalty program will boost your business sales and marketing strategy, here are how you can implement this program in your business.

# The point or stamp system

Your strategy mainly depends on you, but the most common programs use a loyalty or stamp card. These can help your customers keep track of their rewards and if they’re eligible for any prizes offered.

Choose an excellent design for your card and order it from trusted sites like so you can provide your loyal clients with professional-looking cards.

# Increase the value of rewards

More points accumulated by your customers should give way to better and bigger prizes. Rewards with more value can motivate your customers because they know that they’ll be getting something better if they have more points on their card.

It will also remind them to redeem their prizes regularly, so they’ll end up bringing and using their cards frequently every time that they visit your shop or store.

# Offer VIP benefits

You can upgrade your program by offering a VIP level. You’ll have to charge your customers with additional fees, but market it in a way that they’ll feel that being a VIP member is worth it. Offer great rewards for VIP members so that your customers will be encouraged to upgrade their membership.


Loyalty programs are beneficial for you and your loyal clients. It lets you know more about your customer’s needs and shopping behavior, and your clients can also get something in return by staying loyal to your shop or store.

Think of creative and fun ways on how you can attract your clients to avail of your loyalty program, and offer great rewards for your customers to feel valued.

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