Products to Control Dusts And Smogs

One of the best ways of controlling allergens and dusts inside the home is through the use of dust control products. Suppressants that are used in controlling dust include water and palliative materials such as calcium chloride, sodium chloride or magnesium chloride. While it is still possible to use asphalt emulsions and lignin and plant oils and natural clay, the predominant options used in dust control are chloride solution.

Water is commonly used as a dust suppressant in construction sites, quarries and gravel pits. While water moisture can help to bind the fines into gravel in order to reduce dust, this should be poured regularly if adequate moisture is to be maintained. This will translate into high cost of labor and equipment especially under the air conditions where there is faster evaporation of water.

Use of mist cannon to fight heavy smog

There are many cities that are regularly covered with heavy smog causing the authorities to bring out their heavy artillery in a bid to fight pollution. While the mist cannon are not very popular, it has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent past. This consists of a large machine that is usually mounted on a truck and sprays water mist.

The mist cannon were originally designed for use in mines and construction sites to minimize dust. However, there are recent improvements to the machine that enables them to release some tinier mist droplets for use in fighting the airborne particles. The truck will usually nebulize water into some tiny particles with the diameters in micros, the same with PM 2.5 as well as P.M 10 and spraying them in the air.  These can combine with fine particles and dust to fall into the ground.

Limitations of misting cannons

While these are effective, they also come with their own limitations. It is believed that the best measure for preventing air pollution is through tough restrictions. Environmentalists say that the cause of smog in most cities is usually as a result of windless weather that is unable to disperse pollutants.

Where misting canons are used, these can spray for 3 to 5 times during the smoggy days. There are also some special chemicals that are sprayed on the road using the regular watering vehicles once in a week. The spray will absorb and even consolidate pollutants and dusts from the exhaust of the vehicle. Where mist cannons are combined with chemicals, these are known to be effective in minimizing the dust chemicals. There are studies that show that when mist cannons are combined with chemicals, these are able to cut the PM10 by 5 percent and can also reduce nitrogen oxide by up to ten percent.

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