What a PTT App May Do For You?


A push-to-talk app is meant for instantaneous communication, and it runs on most of the smartphones, tablets and personal computers. There is no limit on the usage so you may use it for fun learning or the emergencies as well. Now let’s take a look at some of the common features of the app:

Walkie Talkie

Allows 1-To-1 or Group Communication

One of the main features of the app is that they allow you to communicate with your employees irrespective of their location. You can use the app with the help of the data sim card, and the app allows you to talk privately or in the group as well.


Another very common feature in ptt walkie talkie app available in the market is text-to-speech. It means you may hear what is being communicated to you.  There are a few apps that allow you to send the addresses and numbers as well. Wondering how this feature is so useful? It allows you to listen to the messages that are being sent to you without needing to open them and read them individually.


With the help of this feature, you can track the staff on the move. It allows you to view the live location, even trace the how you people have been moving in the past on your computer. Using this feature, you can plan the work in advance and even stop your people from traveling around. Rendering high-quality customer service is a key to any business and with the use of this feature; you can make sure that your team is on the right track to delivering quality services.

Photographic Evidence

The ptt walkie talkie app allows taking the photographs as proof of evidence, and it helps in preventing the costly disputes.  With the help of the app the photos can be sent instantly, they can be archived or uploaded to the computer whenever you want them to.  The feature also allows people to see what activities have been taking place on the ground.

Desktop Availability

You can get everyone talking to each other on the same platform.  With the help of the desktop push-to-talk, you may be able to link the office workers to field workers.  But that’s not the actual benefit lies. It lies in the ability of the app to send information to the workers in the field. All, they have to do is to type or copy & paste the information to those team members who are looking after the field operations.


Example of Usage

While free messenger has found their way to almost every industry, they are being used in the landfill operations. In the industry, they have commonly been used in the waste collection. The team of dispatchers makes use of it to talk to the route drivers, and the communication may be one-to-one or in the group. The app has also been used for providing resolution to the ad-hoc customer issues or to accommodate any sudden changes in the route.

The operators responsible for compacting can easily communicate to the drivers where to dump the loads. Besides, the app was able to better contribute to the coordination among the tractors and the compactors.  As these operations impose a lot of stress on the equipment, but the app is capable of reporting any issues to the clients immediately.

In The End

Free ptt walkie talkie apps come with a lot of features, and their usage may significantly enhance the utility of the communication and help in better coordination.

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