Quality Assurance Consultants Can Turn Your Business Around

Quality Assurance Consultant

Aristotle defined quality as a habit, not an act. John Ruskin said quality was never an accident, but the result of intelligent effort. How do you define quality assurance ?

To some people, it’s the look and feel of a product; to others; it’s the customer service they receive. overall, quality is the customer’s perception of what you provide, and that perception is ever-changing.

With so many definitions of quality, measuring quality is becoming increasingly hard for businesses. Clearly, achieving quality is the aim, because quality attracts more customers. But you’d be surprised how few businesses define it. And, if you don’t define it, you can’t possibly know if you’re meeting your benchmark.

Quality Assurance in Queensland

Part of the problem is that some organisations are still stuck on the idea of quality control. There’s nothing wrong with quality control but generally, at that point, the damage has already been done. Isn’t it better to instil quality right at the beginning of the process? That’s quality assurance.

Before you pull out your hair in frustration, there is an easy solution, and that’s to implement a quality assurance management system. The most popular is ISO 9001.

An ISO 9001 quality management system doesn’t magically make everything you do perfect, but it does put in place the procedures and policies you need to aim for perfection.

Defining Quality

International Standards define quality as the degree to which a commodity meets the requirements of the customer at the start of its life. In other words, is the product safe, fit for purpose and well-made?

To achieve that outcome, you need the right tools and materials, skilled employees, good management, the right facility and so on. ISO 9001 is a management tool, to be used by management to manage all those components!

Quality assurance in Queensland is a hot topic; businesses must get it right if they hope to be successful. Customers will often pay more to get quality but, if they believe quality is lacking, they will vote with their feet. They are in the driving seat remember; it’s their money and you have plenty of competition.

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Quality Assurance Consultant

I have used the same car insurer for many years; recently, they asked me what it was that made me such a loyal customer. Of course, the answer would be different depending on who you asked. For me, it was the fact that I could phone and go straight through to a consultant. I rarely have to hold for more than a minute or two, and often it’s a consultant I’ve spoken to before and they remember me. All the consultants are very knowledgeable about not only their products, but also classic cars, so the process is fast, easy and enjoyable.

I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that my insurance company has worked with a quality assurance consultant at some point and has a quality management system in place.

The quality assurance consultant would have taken the time to learn about not only the business, but also the clients, in order to tailor-make the right management system. And it clearly works. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, even if I could get a cheaper insurance policy elsewhere.

False Economy

I still come across business owners who see consultants and management systems as a waste of time and money, and I’m lost for words. Going without is a false economy in my view; it may save a little in the short-term, but you’ll lose more in the long-run, in terms of customer numbers, repeat sales and so on.

Failing to implement quality assurance in Queensland means you must rely on quality control – refunds, repairs and replacements. All of those will cost you more money and can damage your reputation. As I said, false economy.

You also need to remember that disgruntled customers don’t suffer in silence; thanks to social media, they don’t have to. They don’t just go home and tell the wife or husband about a bad experience; oh no, they go on Facebook or Twitter and rant. They also name and shame.

Next thing you know you’re hiring an online reputation management team!

Boost Productivity and Profits

The aim of working with a quality assurance consultant and implementing ISO 9001 is to provide a workable quality management system to improve all aspects of your business. It’s not about rules and complicated policies, it’s about creating teamwork and continuity.

When it’s done right, a management system is actually welcomed by your staff. Not only does it give clear guidance and benchmarks, but it also makes them feel part of a valuable team. Most businesses that implement management systems report an increase in both productivity and staff morale.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System will improve efficiency and customer retention, reduce costs and boost profits. Suitable for organisations of all sizes, it is a globally recognized benchmark that offers consistent outcomes and can be measured and monitored.

As far as I can see, it’s all positives with no negatives, so what are you waiting for?

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