A Quick Guide for Creating A Website


When you plan to build a website, it may look like an uphill task, especially when you have no prior web design experience. If you want to have a large or complex site, you may need a team of experienced web professional. But, if you need smaller and first website, you may be able to work on it on your own. In this post we’ll see some how can go about building a website:

Think Of A Domain Name

The first thing which you’ll have to do is to finalize on an attractive domain name. It is the name that you want to give to your website. For instance, you want to a register www.thefirstwebsite.com. To get a domain name, you’ll have to pay an annual fee to the registrar who will register your domain name for a sum. There are many things that you’ll have to consider while going for a domain name.

Attributes Of  A Good Domain Name

Here are some necessary things that go with the right domain name:

  • The name must not be very long.
  • It should be easy to remember.
  • It may have a brand word in it.
  • It may have the keyword (for site optimization, more on this later).
  • It must be unique.

Find A Reliable Host

Web hosting is a service using which the organizations and individuals can post a website successfully on the internet. With the help of a website hosting provider, you can host the website on their servers.

Free Providers

You can find many free website hosting provider. They may be good for hosting some personal pages or any site of little importance, but when it comes to handling massive traffic, they may not be the best one to go for.

Paid Hosting

As free hosting may not be very suitable, you can go to a paid hosting provider. They will offer storage space, applications, security, and privacy to the website. With a high-quality web hosting service provider, you can easily remain assured that they will provide a near 100 percent uptime.

Design Webpages

Once you are done with domain name hosting and have finalized the web hosting provider as well, you’ll have to develop the website as the next step.


Get It Done By Professionals

One way is to get it done by the professionals. They will design it for you. All you may have to do is to tell them the exact requirements and the technology which you want to use for the development of the website.

Do It On Your Own

Numerous things go in when you go for web designing. The first and the difficult thing is to put something on the internet. You make use the WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) for the purpose. With the help of these editors, you can design your site visually, without getting too much of the technical details. Some free web editors will help you in creating a website successfully. No matter whether you design the pages on your own, or get them designed by someone else, you’ll have to take these points into consideration:

#Type of Site

Whether you need a website for your own business or informational purpose, or to sell any product or service i.e. and online commerce store, you’ll have to first decide on the type of the site. As the focus and the target audience of each site are different, so you will have to pay attention to it at the very start.

#Design Of Site

One of the most important things while planning the website is its navigational design. It is the design which helps in the best content presentation and increases the usability of the site.

#The Content

Why will users come to your site? It is the next most important thing to consider. If the visitors of your site don’t find the content interesting, they may get turned away, and you may miss a visitor or a sale if you are running an e-commerce store.

Once you have designed the website, you’ll have the web pages ready for you. The next step is to publish your site.

Getting The Website Published

Once you have published the site, you’ll have to keep the web pages that you have developed with the hosting provider. You can make use of the proprietary tools that come with the hosting service or with the help of FTP software.

Promoting The Website

Once your site is active, the next step is to optimize the site. You can consider going for professional website optimization for the purpose.

In The End

If you have worked in an aforesaid way, you will build a website successfully. But you’ll have to maintain it and optimize it so that it can be useful for your business.

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