Read This Before You Choose The Right Mass Gainer

mass gainer supplement

Trying to build muscles? You need to do a lot of hard-work have to take proper diet & also use the right mass gainer. Building body demands discipline, and along with training, you need to take a lot of nutrients to make sure that your muscle grows big and strong. And for that, you need to consume many extra calories from proper sources. The right mix of extra calories and premium nutrition, mass gainer supplement fill the extra calorie need emerging from bodybuilding.  Wondering how to select the right mass gainer?

mass gainer supplement

Right Ratio Of Carbs Versus Proteins

Experts suggest that complex carbs and proteins in a good mass gainer should be present in the ratio of 3:1. The proteins should come from micellar, casein, calcium caseinate and whey proteins. Whey immediately supplies nutrients to the distressed muscle tissues and trigger a new muscle synthesis. The slow digesting proteins work as an excellent nighttime and in-between meal protein to prevent the muscle break-down. It also helps in preserving lean muscle mass and keeps the body in positive nitrogen balance. These complex carbs digest slowly and also provides sustained energy for work-outs.

Digestive Enzymes

These are a must have and are very much required in the mass gainer. Enhanced digestion reduces the likelihood of bloating & provides fuel for intensive workouts to achieve the massive size.

Low Added Sugar

One of the easiest ways to increase the calorie value is by adding more sugar to the mass gainer. Quality mass gainer provides nutrients from the clear sources like the proteins and the complex carbs and keeps the sugar to a minimum. Those mass gainers that contain sugar, not more than 6gm in a 100 serving, may be a better choice.

Vitamin & Nutrients

Vitamins & minerals play an important role in relieving the metabolic stress that is created by the exercise. Presence of multivitamins in mass gainer stimulates biochemical reactions. It results in relieving the muscle fatigue after the exercise.

If you happen to be a professional bodybuilder, it is better that you go with a mass gainer that comes with creatine, betaine, and glutamine & MCT oil. These additional nutrients in the mass gain formula make a lot of difference in the training intensity and the endurance.

Creatine In Mass Gainers

They assist in building phosphocreatine reserve. It works as the energy reserve for the body for heavy-duty training sessions. It is also good to look for the purer and the most potent creatine available as it helps in improving the performance.

Creatine In Mass Gainers

Betaine In Mass Gainers

It supports alpha performance & helps in increasing the muscle mass and size.  Glutamine that is also known as recovery fuel minimizes muscle breakdown and ensures maximum muscle gains. MCT oil improves the fat burn.

To Conclude

There are many benefits of mass gainer supplement viz. increased muscle mass, more energy & faster recovery. So you must use them if you plan on bodybuilding.

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