Our Readers Are Exclusively Invited To Buy Miles With 140% Bonus

Buy Miles

As we mentioned a week ago, right now Avianca’s Loyalty Program is offering up to 140% bonus on purchased miles. This is the ideal time to buy miles and later redeem them for first class and business class airline tickets on the Start Alliance airline carriers.

Life Miles Bonus

On the other hand, Life Miles also has an amazing deal for its customers. Life Miles is giving an increased bonus on any miles purchased by our readers. Isn’t that extremely generous of them? It’s a deal worth checking out and investing in. The reward points purchased and the added bonus can aid in a huge discount on your next airline ticket. With summer fast approaching, all of us need as much discount as possible on our next vacation.

The Added Benefit of Life Miles Bonus

The original value of Life Miles reward points is 3.3 cents.  So for those who take this opportunity use this promotion to buy miles with 140% bonus, you’ll essentially be purchasing each mile for as low as 1.345 miles. This is fantastic value, something definitely worth looking into.

In order to be part of this promotion, you have to register on this page by the end of May, and then have to buy the miles before mid-June.  You have ample time to look into the promotion, do your research and then buy the airline miles. It is worth noting that after registering one has to wait for 24 hours to buy miles and be a part of the promotion.  Once you’re eligible the page will show bonus that you’ll be able to purchase. We do recommend that you register to the page, and then later decide if you want to take part in the promotion.

Things worth Highlighting

This promotion has been kindly bestowed on our readers, and it is our responsibility to make sure that our readers understand how beneficial this promotion can be.  The more airline points purchased by our readers, the bigger bonus they’ll receive. Also worth noting is that for those who purchase 15,000 points, they’ll be eligible to purchase around 5,000 miles with up to a startling 200% bonus. Once you’re eligible, you’ll also receive an email the very next day. This is the best time to buy 5,000 airline miles and receive the huge bonus for only $164. How much does that add up to per mile? Well, it’s as little as 1.1 cents per mile. You can thank us later for hooking you up with such an amazing offer. We understand how expensive airline flights are, and we wanted to impart words of wisdom to our readers so they can take benefit of these miles as well.

For anyone who might be wondering if the 200,000 miles per year limit that Life Miles usually restricts on their miles is still valid for this promotion, will be delighted to know it doesn’t apply to the promotion.  Customers can happily purchase 200,000 miles and then still take advantage of this amazing 200% bonus.

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