Reasons to Choose Two-Way Business Radios Over Cell Phones in Business

Two-way business radios are the forefathers of mobile phones. And, Motorola was the first to introduce two-way radios. No doubt technological advancement has taken entire world by storm and with the passage of time; these two-way radios have become advanced to keep organizations in a loop for effective communication.


Motorola two-way business radios are transceiver devices that mean they can both transmit and receive. These radios allow their operators to have a conversation with other similar radios operating on the same radio channel. These devices are often known as walkie-talkies and handie-talkies.

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Now, let’s take a glimpse of the reasons why organizations prefer them over mobile phones.

Safety at Workplace

In big manufacturing plants, it is important to ensure every process is being done in a controlled manner to avoid any accident. For this, companies need an always-on device so that plant supervisors and engineers could stay connected to each other to tackle emergencies. And, you cannot expect the same from cell phones.

Extremely Durable and Reliable

Accidental drops are pretty usual at industrial sites, and cell phones are pretty fragile in comparison to Motorola two-way business radios. So when it comes to durability, these two-way radios have no match. No wonder why these devices are preferred over mobile devices.

Exceptional Battery Life

Battery life of smartphones or featured mobile devices is no hidden, and if one compares them with a two-way business radio, he/she will find that these devices have exceptional battery life. Therefore, they are chosen over cell phones.

Loud and Clear Audio Quality

Cell phones do not work well when it comes to hearing clearly in a noisy environment. In some manufacturing plants, ambient noise is too high where workers need an effective solution. Therefore, such companies use two-way radios to listen urgent messages loud and clear.

Communication Cost

Group communication is pretty common at industrial sites during daily operations. If companies choose mobiles, then the communication cost will be higher but if they choose Motorola two-way business radio they can easily communicate with a push of a button.


The points explained above show why Motorola two-way business radios are preferred over mobile devices.

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