Reasons to Consider Cloud Testing Services for Mobile Apps

It is a mobile world and ignoring mobile users is the biggest gaffe a business can ever make.

Companies who have realized the significance of mobiles in business are enjoying benefits by getting a native app developed to target mobile audience. However, the irony is, many stakeholders show their interest in mobile app development phase and do not bother much with mobile app testing. Consequently, they caught themselves wasting their valuable resources.

Mobile app testing is necessary! It ensures quality!

Three factors determine the quality of a mobile application including usability, simplicity, and stability. Collectively, these three factors decide whether the mobile app is offering rich user experience.

Professionals use different techniques to test a mobile application, which includes manual and automated testing. Both these methods have some advantages and disadvantages.

If we look at mobile app testing from a business perspective, it should be cost-effective and less time-consuming. So, cloud testing services for mobile apps can be the best option for organizations who do not want to compromise with the quality.

Let’s check out the reasons to consider cloud testing services for mobile apps.


Cloud testing services are cost-effective and eliminate the need of spending money to buy premium testing tools to test mobile application. The best thing about cloud-based testing is it does not involve expensive per-seat licensing costs and typically as fewer hardware requirements.

In most scenarios, cloud-based testing has minimal or no upfront cost. So, you pay for what you use! No surprise if SMBs prefer cloud-based testing over traditional models to test their mobile app.

Less Time-Consuming

As time is crucial for every business, testing mobile app with cloud testing services are less time-consuming because they support agile development. Agile development is a concept that involves cross-functional teams throughout the development process and doesn’t follow step by step approach.

Cloud-based testing makes testing process more agile and flexible by empowering individuals to test the mobile app from different aspects. Simply put, testing mobile app in cloud environment not only helps in a successful launch but also assists in adapting the change to remain competitive in the marketplace.


Test till you get a 100% bug-free mobile app. Cloud testing services offer extreme flexibility to allow you test mobile app 24 hours a day. The server you get in the cloud environment is capable enough to connect to a series of machines, which further host different mobile devices that can be made available to the tester who connects to the server. With so much flexibility, you can test mobile app as per your convenience.

Powerful Features

Cloud testing services offer powerful features that not only make the testing process smoother but also ensure quality. Unlike other testing methods, cloud -based testing covers more test cases in the same amount of time. You can test your mobile application possibly for all devices having different operating systems. With all features, you can satisfactorily test your mobile app to make it compatible with all devices.

Simple & Continuous Integration

Cloud-based testing makes the testing process simpler and is ideal for continuous integration. It means you can quickly add few lines of code, test, and redeploy your mobile app at a faster pace. Continuous integration allows you to order the tests on different devices and if they all pass, integrate and release it. Testing mobile app in cloud environment helps you release new versions with new build faster than ever.

Over to You

So if you are concerned about the quality and performance of your mobile app, try cloud testing services to see its excellent benefits.

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