Reasons Why Electric Bikes Might Be The Next Best Thing To Hit The Bike Rental Industry

Within a couple of years, it is expected that electric bikes will soon replace all others types in the bike rental industry. There are reasons one too many for it but the primary reason is that it is good for the traffic, the environment, for the user and of course for the rental company. Surely, the e-bikes are here to stay.

Going by the market trends and statistics, sales of e-bikes have skyrocketed in the recent past years and there is no sign of it slowing down. However, few bike manufacturers and rental companies see this magnanimous rise in popularity as a threat to the industry but it is primarily based on selfish reasons. They think that the standard bikes will soon go the way of the dinosaur and penny-farthing once people start to go ‘electric’.

However, there is nothing to fear. These battery-powered bikes are here to enhance the prospects of the industry and business profits not to rob it.

Benefits of e-bikes

The innumerable benefits of the electric bikes will make things clear to one and for all.

  • Easy to pedal – The electric bikes make pedaling easy as there is a battery-powered ‘pedal assist.’ When you push the pedals it engages a small motor that gives you the required boost. You can ride uphill easily with a loaded backpack or cruise smoothly through the challenging traffic and terrain maneuvering easily without gassing yourself.
  • Speed Control – Rightfully, these e-bikes are called “Pedalecs” and technically you will feel just like riding a bike. You control the speed with your feet and accelerate easily in these powerful bikes.
  • The mechanics – The e-bikes have a handlebar-mounted throttle. This engages the motor when you press the button irrespective of the fact you are pedaling or not. This provides a better cycling experience and is best suited for people who are not ‘cyclists’ in the true sense.
  • Ride fast – Up to a certain point within the limits of the e-bikes, you can really travel fast in it. Harder you pedal, you will get a bigger boost and you will ride faster but do not expect that you will be jackhammering down the road like the motorcyclists at 45 mph. The motor is engineered to administer your speed and stop propelling further as you hit the 20 to 28 mph mark depending on the type of the bike.
  • Save time – You will save time and energy on your daily commute to the office and at the same time save the environment while enjoying the scenery. This is the primary objective of introduction of e-bikes in bike rental NYC.
  • Control pedal assists – The mechanism of these e-bikes will also enable you to control the pedal assist. If you need to ride up a steep hill quickly you engage the turbo setting and if you want to ride easy change it into a low setting on the +/- power switch mounted on the handlebar.
  • Ride More – Even if you ride a lot, you can dramatically increase the frequency of your ride when you ride an e-bike. The reason behind this is simple and makes total sense. Assuming that you are super fit, there will be times when you will feel tired due to training, working or even riding. An e-bike will give a break to your fatigued leg muscles with its pedal assist if you have to ride it when you are crunched.

In short, the e-bikes will open up a new world especially for those people who are not ‘cycling conditioned,’if you know what that means. Apart from traveling distance with ease, these bikes are good to build confidence and endurance.

A bike for everything

Think of any type of riding and an e-bike will always be there. It is a bike for everything. You will find an e-bike in different variety used for different purposes. These varieties include a fat bike, commuter bike, cargo bike, recreational bike, performance road bike, full suspension, and a hardtail mountain bike and much more. There is one for every type of cyclist.

To go a step further, it can be said that e-bikes are even better than cars, especially for small and daily errands. It has replaced car trips and has also taken away the worries of parking, avoiding traffic, environmental concerns. Just have a commuter for carrying your stuff and you are ready to go.

Good for health

Health is something people are more concerned nowadays but most people do not get time enough to hit the gym or for a daily morning job. These e-bikes will provide you with the exercise that you require and miss daily. Right from your leg muscles to your cardio, you will get it all riding it to your office and back. No dedicated schedule is required for it which is great news to people who have been sedentary otherwise.

Riding an e-bike you can control your blood sugar levels and burn half as much calorie for a five-mile walking trip. In short, you will be significantly more active overall.

Other reasons for the popularity

The other reasons for the popularity of e-bikes in bike rental NYC include the powerful battery. Modern technology and its use have enabled engineers to design batteries to run to its optimal level for about 35 to 100 miles before needing a recharge. The range largely depends on the size of the battery, how much power is drawn by the motor and how much you use the ‘turbo’ setting. The batteries are expected to get better in the following years.

Modern e-bikes are as good as any regular mountain bike. It will allow you to overcome the physical challenges that usually come with age with its ‘pedal assist’ feature. It will surely extend your mountain biking ability for another ten to fifteen years.

Though e-bikes are not cheap, they can save you a lot of money in the long term. You will save on gas; the cost of normal wear and tear of a car and most importantly you will have potentially less sick days due to the health benefits of biking through regular exercise.

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