Reasons – Why Pune is the Best City to Live?

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As per a report released by the Central Government, Pune is ranked as the top-ranked city in India.

Be it the IT boom, pleasant weather, amazing foods, real estate mushrooming, connectivity to major Indian cities via road, rail and air, the city is loved by all.

The growth of the real estate sector in Pune has seen an explosive boom because a large number of people come here to study, and work.

What’s more, the easy availability of the home loan facility to help people avail of the finance to purchase own home has also led to many landmarks in the city. One of the many such landmarks has been Ganesh Imperia in Wakad. Wakad is close to the IT hub of the city, the Hinjewadi IT Park and that has led people to choose it to move in.

Let’s know other major reasons that make the Pune city an incomparable option and indeed the best city to live.

An Ever-booming IT Hub

The professionals rising in every field is a common phenomenon experienced in every field. Pune is lucky to have a string of small, mid-level and bigger IT companies and as a result, and national and international companies are having a presence here. Their presence has led to the rising of Pune on the global platform.

Easy to Access Public Transport

According to many reports published in many newspapers, Pune is considered a safe city to live as there are little instances of crimes such as theft, burglary, murder are low. Also, public transport is easily accessible in Pune, making it easy to travel in the city at most times of the day at affordable rates. You can also enjoy app-based cab services even in the dead of night and travel safely. The first phase of the Pune Metro is expected to be operational by 2021 which will further boost the city’s connectivity.

Pleasant Weather

Pune is situated on the hills and it makes the weather around the city pleasant which is conducive for writers, thinkers, students and more to work and study in peace. Even when the day temperature touches around 40 degrees during March and May (the only summer months), you can sleep peacefully as night temperatures are pleasant.

Clean, Green and Healthy

Along with Bangalore, Pune still rules the roost when it comes to the cleanest, greenest and healthiest cities in India. Look around Pune and even with so many real estate projects running, you will still find so much greenery.

Peace Loving People

The people in Pune don’t indulge in unlawful activities and want to spend a laidback life. The emphasis here is on to celebrate, spend time with family and make merry. Pune is often called ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’ making it an ultimate location to relax after the retirement.

Perfect Mix of Modern yet Rustic Look

You can choose how you would like to live in Pune as the city provides modern as well as the country style of life. You can also enjoy a weekend either by dropping in a mall or visiting an art exhibition as it’s also a centre of the local Marathi culture.

The Bottom Line

If you want to live in Pune and considering to avail a Home Loan, you can think over Ganesh Imperia in Wakad. Comparing and applying online home loans is easy these days. You only need to land on a third party website, compare all offers and choose one matching your needs and budget.

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