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Healthy glowing hair is the secret to an enhanced look and beautiful smiles. Every one desires to have healthy looking hair to enhance their looks, and great looks mean boosted confidence too.

Hair is the most important aspect of one’s looks and self-confidence. When your hair starts falling without any regrowth leading to baldness or hair thinning or when they turn too rough, dry, frizzy and brittle it instantly causes worry and stress. The hair clinic in Noida strives to provide hair care for all hair related issues to keep people happy and happy with glowing healthy hair.

Normally hair sheds daily from the scalp so that new hair growth can take place. On a daily basis 50 to 100 hair strands are lost daily, but if you suffer from more than 100 strands per day then you need special professional care to take care of your hair. There are various reasons for hair fall, which are:

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Nutrition Related

This kind of hair fall occurs due to iron, vitamin and protein deficiencies. This kind of hair fall is quite common among the people aged above 60. The hair fall among youth too is increasing recently.


Male and female pattern hair loss

The male’s hair loss is seen due to the imbalance of the male hormone testosterone. The males start losing hair from the frontal areas, slowly extending towards the crown, leading to complete baldness due to lack of proper care and treatment over time.

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Females pattern baldness

This kind of hair loss is seen due to hormonal imbalance either due to a condition called PCOS or an overly excessive estrogenic level. The females start to lose hair from the frontline, to the midline and finally towards the crown area.

Hairstyles can lead to hair loss

Some hairstyles like blow drying techniques, hair straightening, and coloring of hair too often can be the cause of permanent hair loss. Hence, think twice before over using the hair styling tools.

Stress related

Stress can be the cause of hair loss too. Even post pregnancy stress is a major cause of hair loss.

Alopecia areata

This is a condition where the immune system of the body is weakened and it leads to patches of hair loss, from round shape to oval shaped bald patches. In severe cases, it may lead to hair loss from the whole body.

Medication infused hair loss

Some medications like anti-cancer drugs can lead to severe hair loss among men and women. Sometimes it leads to complete baldness.

The major causes and increasing number of patient’s suffering from hair loss. The maximum hair loss is seen among emotional distress.

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How can we get that healthy hair?

Well, there is no miracle to achieve that healthy hair and look fab. Some regular lifestyle changes and treating the underlying causes can lead to great hair:

  • Healthy eating habits

Good sufficient diet with a great quantity of fruits and vegetables and sufficient protein intake is essential to sustain good hair.

  • Use good shampoo and conditioner

Care for your hair, by using the appropriate shampoo and conditioners to suit your hair type. Was your hair every alternative day to keep it clean.

  • Treatment of the underlying causes

It is recommended to treat the underlying cause of hair loss to control the problems related to hair.

How can we treat hair issues at hair clinic in Noida?

Multiple treatments are available for hair loss. The doctors can evaluate the conditions best and prescribe the best treatment to solve hair related issues:

The most common therapies which are provided include:

1. Medical therapy

Depending on the medical conditions, the appropriate line of medical treatments can be given to the patients through oral capsules and tablets with lotions and creams to be applied locally.

2. Surgical therapy

Total loss of hair follicles cannot be treated with the help of medications. For the severe cases, hair transplant is the last resort, to gain back loss hair.

Nowadays new models of treatment are available too like PRP and MESO which are less invasive surgical methods to regain lost hair and sustain the new hair for longer periods of time with good care.

Invest in your hair, take good care and be blessed with beautiful hair.

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