Registering a Domain Name? Keep These 9 Things In Mind!

domain name registration

Do you want to buy a domain name? Every business owner wants a domain which is ideal for the search engine and is also relevant to the target audience.  You need first to identify the best registrar to buy the name from. It all starts with solid research. Consider focussing on your site, the services you are providing and the also the features that you need.

1-First Some Basics

The domain name is the web address where the visitors can access your website. Visitors looking for the site will type the domain name into the browser’s URL to visit the site. Your domain name is a unique name which identifies your site and will represent your business on the web. But once you have purchased the domain name, the next things is search engine optimization (SEO). When you have a domain that is niche, it can appeal to search engines. Besides domain, the domain name registrar matters as well, and the registrar provides security and a lot of account management tools. Some steps which you should follow for domain name registration:

2-Finding the Domain Name

Domain name search is the first step in choosing the right name. In many cases, your website is may be part or the entire domain name. You will want the domain name to be relevant and concise as well. The domain name should be appropriate, and it should tell the visitors about your site. Usually, shorter names are easy for people to remember. If your domain search is in vain, you can use the name generators to find the alternatives. Simply enter the word or the term you want, and the tool will give you many suggestions.

3-Pick the Right Top-Level Domain

Most of the websites have address end with “.com” domain name. And it is advisable to pick this extension if it is still available. However, you can explore other top-level domain options like “.net,” “.info,” and “.org” etc. You can also try hands at generic TLDs.  These extensions often include a word which is associated with the profession or business. For instance, you can use “.pizza” for the pizza site and so on.

4-Find the Right Registrar

Once you have settled for the perfect name, you will need to find the right registrar to make the purchases. You should prefer to go with ICANN registrars. You can narrow down the options by considering the features and services that each registrar offers. You should also look for the customer support team to determine the availability and the responsiveness. The support should be provided through all the channels like phone, chat, e-mail and the tickets.

5-Look at the Costs

Pay attention to the fine line that is there in the form of ‘terms of service’ transfer policies. They will enable the registrar to transfer your domain to other company. You should read the fine print well while purchasing the domain name. At least, you will be clear about what how much will you get charged when transferring to another registrar.

6-Privacy Protection

When you register the domain name, the details of the same are published on WHOIS which is a publicly accessible database. It contains your full name, email address and even the home address as well. You can protect the privacy by turning off the WHOIS on the domain name. Some registrars might charge you for this.  It is usually a part of the domain registration, and you can enable or disable the WHOIS privacy settings.

7-Ease of Renewals

When you are picking a registrar of the domain name, you should make sure that the renewal process is clear, transparent and straightforward. Will you make all the effort of buying a domain and then forget renewing it only to discover that you have lost it? You should pick a registrar who offers notification services so that you don’t run into the problem of losing it.

8-Avoid Going For Free Domains

You should avoid those registrars who offer free domains. There is a cost of registering a domain name. There is nothing called free lunch, and sooner than later you will need to pay for the domain name.

Furthermore, you may not get excellent customer service as the provider may be offering for promotional purpose only.

9-Go for One That Offers Good Interface

You should go with a registrar who provides a simple interface no matter whether you are renewing your service, changing the password or are registering a domain name.

In the End

These are few things which you need to consider before going for domain name registration so that you have the results that you were expecting!

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