The Religious Destinations of Ranikhet will fill you with spirituality

Ranikhet is a popular hill station in Uttarakhand. It has many spots for visitors and can win your heart in no time. The beautiful picturesque sites, amazing spots and refreshing destinations keep the visitors enticed to Ranikhet. Talking about religious places, Ranikhet has a few of very popular spiritual spots for tourists.

The beauty of experiencing spirituality amidst the freshness and gorgeous sites is outstanding. It is because of the charm and charisma of Ranikhet that Uttaranchal tourism is prospering at a rapid pace. Many travellers, tourists, shutterbugs and religious souls visit this city every year for embracing excitement and tranquillity.

Jhula Devi temple

This temple is a popular place of attraction in Ranikhet hill Station. It is located at a distance of seven kilometres from the town of Ranikhet near ChaubatiaGardens. This Temple complex was built in the year 1935. The uncountable bells which hang all around the temple compound are a testament to the heavenly and the curative powers of “MaaJhula Devi”.

Actually, it is an antique 8th century temple. Once upon a time, a number of wild animals like tigers and leopards, who used to attack the nearby villagers, occupied the dense woods near this temple. When the locals offered prayers to DurgaMaa for their protection,Maa then appeared in dreams of a shepherd and directed him to dig her idol. Hence, this temple was constructed on this very place. Since that time, it has been believed that the Jhuli Devi fulfils the wishes of her followers. Once the wishes get fulfilled the devotees hang bells in the temple.

Haidakhan Temple

This Haidakhan Temple is festooned at Chidianuala Ranikhet. The temple is constructed by Haidakhan who has been believed to be the personification of Lord Shiva to whom the temple is devoted. The birth of Haidakhan has always been a secret. He left his mortal in the year 1984, at an early age.

The temple smugly shows a tall statue of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. A large number of devotees from different corners of the world visit this temple to get their marriage in Indian tradition. The entire temple is surrounded by gorgeous sites and tranquil ambience. You can spend a spiritual and cherished time at this religious destination.

Mankameshwar Temple

This Temple is a Hindu memorial next to Narsingh Maidan in Ranikhet. The temple was constructed in the year 1978 by the Kumaon Regimental Centre. It is situated near Rani Jheel in the area of army cantonment. The chief divinities of this temple are Lord Shiva, Ma Kalikaand Radha-Krishna.

The astounding natural beauty around the temple is engaging and enthralling. This Temple can be easily reachable because it is situated only one kilometre away from Ranikhet. The whole environment of this temple is very peaceful.

Thus, if you want to relish the blessings of Gods and Goddesses amidst the natural charms, just visit Ranikhet. And yes, you need not to worry about your stays because there are good hotels at ranikhet available.

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