What is required to fit the Car Tyres?

When it comes to Car tyre fitting, the online videos tutorials make it look really easy. Apparently, changing a car tyre usually requires a few tools and a couple of minutes and TADA! It’s done. Conversely, things turn up terrible when it comes to changing the damaged tyre. What those video tutorials always neglect to mention is the most time-consuming part of this entire process. Tyre fitment helps fasten the tyre changing process only if performed correctly. But beware and avoid turning this simple task into an exercise in futility by trying to fit the wrong size tyre on the wheel rim.

When Exactly You Need to Change the Tyre

It’s essential for you to know when tyres need changing before you head on for changing the tyre. The reasons for Car tyre fitting vary from age and use to over inflation. Tyres usually need replacing either due to underinflated tyre pressure or hard braking. People can have a better idea of when the tyres need to be replace right after they come across the visible signs of wear and tear. Such as;

Impact damage: It’s usually caused by impact to the sidewall. If there is a bulge at that point, it’s indicating the localized casing damage.

Incessant hard braking: It has been recommended by the tyre manufacturers so many times that avoid pushing brakes too hard. For the ones who usually push hard brakes need to know that it causes rapid tread erosion and also creates tyre deflation.

Cuts: May the world go positive for all of us but one needs to be very careful with driving if there is a very clear cut in the tyre. It can be due to any reason (Often due to inappropriate driving) but it’s suggested that you shouldn’t drive unless you don’t get the tyre replace. Such tyre conditions usually result into sharp object penetration in the tyre surface.

What you need to do for Accurate Tyre-to-Rim Fitment

Initially, it’s important to know the important tyre measurements. There are several measurements you need to perform and these should be in millimeters. The measurements include sidewall ratio, width, and diameter. Once you obtain the accurate measurements, then simply convey the info in written form. Ironically, the tyre speed rating plays a vital role in obtaining accurate Car tyre fitting.

Tyre Fitting Tools That you would require

There are numerous basic and advanced tools to fit tyres accurately that includes air-operated tyre changers, electrical jacks, hydraulic lifts, and retreading machines. Professionals even employ sophisticated measuring equipment just to ensure the accuracy. In case some people do not have access to advanced tools, they can fit tyres with the help of some basic tools as well.

As some of the consumers don’t really have enough budget in response to economic realities, an increasing number of consumers have turned into DIY solutions of Falken tyre fitting. From lawn maintenance to interior design, the trend continues to do it yourself. Additionally, it goes same with the automobile industry.


Read this article and learn about the automotive DIY movement that involves fitting tyres, a task that has been performed by automobile maintenance professionals.


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