What is the result of energy procurement reverse auction?

Electricity is made with thermal heat and hydel power and also it can be made from solar light. While the first two options are traditional, the last one is natural and renewable.

Energy is money and for this reason saving electricity and gas is considered equal to monetary savings. Energy procurement reverse auction is the first right step in this direction but you should involve a professional company that can manage the process to achieve the objective that is to save power and money.

What is the ideal process of energy procurement?

It is different from traditional reverse auction as here the focus is to make the consumer independent on his electricity needs. The process starts with lowering the charges and concludes with the user generating electricity for his needs. The user switches to natural and renewable source of electricity that is more reliable and affordable than the traditional sources like thermal and hydel power.

Step One: Charges of electricity are reduced by starting the reverse auction process where the suppliers compete for business in real-time and transparent bidding. Savings are guaranteed as users can see the compare the bids to calculate savings.

Step Two: Reverse auction will lower charges and reduce expenditure and increase savings in the long run. Now you can further save money by retrofitting your electricity guzzling traditional electric lights and equipment. Replace the conventional lights with power efficient and maintenance free LED lights.

There are other benefits of lighting control technologies. LED lighting has can improve output, increase employee retention, reduces environmental footprints and reduces electricity expenses by 80%. In the long run, LED lights can improve market value of your facility. Luckily there are companies that offer cost effective solutions to LED solutions.

Step Three: Switch to clean energy to save electricity and also the planet. It is solar power that is safer and more affordable than traditional sources. It is the one and only way left to reduce expenses on electricity. When you start generating electricity for your needs, you start making money. Solar power is generated at $0.04 cents per Kwhr.

Switchover to solar won’t be an expensive affair as there are many options for users interested in switching to clean power solutions. For instance, you opt for an agreement under which you only need paying for the power and not the investment and maintenance as a third party will take responsibility of investing and maintenance of the infrastructure.

The investor will use your facility like roof or parking lot to convert it into a power generating center. High quality solar panels will be installed at the facility and the sunlight will be converted into electricity. The process that starts with reverse auction energy procurement will conclude on the user generating electricity for his needs. The final result is total profit for all that include the user and the investor.


Traditional lighting solutions consume more power than needed but replacing conventional lights and bulbs isn’t going to make much difference in your energy need. The final and most reliable solution to electricity problem is switchover to clean source of energy. You should use LED lighting and also you should switch to solar energy.

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