The Rise of Mobile Games Development Companies in Delhi NCR

The sales of smart phones are rapidly increasing around the globe. Interestingly, a large number of these devices are sold due to gaming features, and the numbers are on the rise every year. Playing games on tablets like iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is more convenient than smart phones, due to the larger and bigger screen size. As per the latest statistics, the smartphone sales on just iOS and Android during 2010 comprised almost 20% of the market. Two years later, it climbed up to 60% and is currently, it is at the top of the application market, generating more-than-expected revenues in excess of $40 million for 2015 and almost double for the next year. As a result, one can effortlessly observe various new mobile game developers joining communities of gaming almost every day.

The most common platform which is used for making play software is Unity that also has an SDK. The most recent version of this is Unity 4, using which high quality mobile games are created in lesser time and cost in comparison to its previous versions. The providers of professional mobile games development services in Delhi NCR also make use of this software for both iOS and Android Operating Systems. The features and attributes worth mentioning in Unity 4 contain multi-screen Airplay, real-time shadows, and dynamic fonts which create the whole mobile gaming ecosystem in itself.

There is huge scope for professional mobile game development in the market, as this industry vertical is one of the most sophisticated ones in the information technology sector. 5 years back, during 2012, it earned a total of robust US$ 800 million. Companies like Sony are in the global market with the Xperia Play on which PlayStation games can be efficiently played utilizing similar controls. Apart from that, Microsoft alsohas has released released its Windows Phone 7 which can easily connect to the Xbox 360 console.

Surprisingly, the global mobile gaming community is made of an audience which is present across all age groups and not just the youngsters. The adult people between 50-59 years in the United States are the commonest users, very closely followed by those who are in 30-49 age brackets. There are companies which promote gaming for a socially advantageous cause. As per the requirements of ultra modern lifestyle, one is perpetually moving around and thereby, portable smart phones with gaming capabilities is simply the most convenient. The professional mobile games development companies in Delhi NCR have risen to the occasion and are capitalizing on the ever increasing demands of the gaming solutions. The most reputed companies are located in the national capital region, serving a wide range of clientele hailing from across the globe.

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