While sifting through an RV selling site, it is difficult not to get lured by a Used Class A motor home for sale that incorporates everything you want out of a rolling home. However, if you happen to be a parent who plans to use the motor home for family vacations, you cannot afford to buy anything on whims. Before buying a unit, you must be doubly sure that the motor home has all the kid-safety features that would keep your family safe on the road. Additionally, keep in mind the following tips while hitting the road for your dream vacation:

Consider the Seat Belt

Many people have a perception that the massive size of a motor home leaves its occupants unharmed following a crash. They draw a false sense of security believing that enormous size of an RV gives it the strength to absorb shock following a collision. That is why they do not consider seat belts as crucial for the occupants of rear seats as they are in any other small vehicles. However, some of the design features like galley slide-outs may make it more dangerous for your kids at the time of the accident. Seat structures, cabinets, and other furniture may come out of their places as a result of the crash impact. The force may loosen kitchen items, and they may turn into sharp projectiles. All these structural damages can injure occupants that are not restrained properly to the seat.

A little common sense will tell you that irrespective of the size of the vehicle you should take steps to ensure that your children are properly restrained. For the best protection, secure your kids firmly with a crash-rated seat belt when he/ she sits in a forward facing vehicle seat. Never use restraint systems including car-seats and booster-seats for rear-facing or side-facing seating in an RV.

Some of the older units may not have an adequate number of seat belts for all occupants, and some may have lap-only straps alone which are not foolproof. So, before buying a rig, check this aspect carefully. If you think that you will have to add a few more seat belts to make it more secure for your kids, find out the cost of this investment. While negotiating with your buyers for the final price, keep this expenditure in mind.

Besides properly buckling your kids into the seats every time you are driving, remember the following safety rituals:

  • Make your kids sit in the living area of the coach when the RV is in motion. When equipped with the right type of seat belts, these seats provide the best sitting option for your kids when the RV is running at high speed. If they do not want to sit in the dinette area, let them relax in an RV chair or recliner. These seats are safe as long as they are screwed to the floor.
  • Come what may, don’t allow kids to move around when the motor home is in motion. If necessary, take a few more breaks than you had planned originally; it is always better to be late for 10 minutes or even an hour than your kid getting hurt for a moment’s mistake.

A used Class A motor home on offer for sale is something that most travel-enthusiast parents with a large family can crave for. Class A RVs are spacious, well equipped, come packed with an array of lifestyle enhancing features and are yet budget-friendly – just the things you need for an exceptional travel experience. However, when you finally hit the road, don’t forget the safety tips discussed here.  Always remember that safety comes first and everything comes second to it.


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