Satdhara Falls Is The Perfect Activity For A Day Out In Dalhousie

satdhara falls dalhousie

Located on the way to Panchpula is Satdhara Falls – a popular sightseeing attraction in Dalhousie. At an altitude of 2036 m above sea level, this place is just an ideal vacay spot calling out to you. Satdhara Falls derives its name from the seven beautiful springs. It is also said that these springs possess miraculous therapeutic benefits. It is because the water in these springs contains mica, also known as ‘Gandhak’ in the regional dialect. Mica carries wonderful medicinal properties, which helps in curing many diseases and ailments. Also, tourists roaming around the place can also plan on a walking session and just go on to enjoy the natural charm of the place.

satdhara falls dalhousie

Satdhara is a place of beautiful springs where nature flourishes at its best. people can be spotted heading to the place for a fun day out in the lap of nature. This beauty of a place is located in the Chamba valley, sitting pretty in the lap of nature entwined between nature’s magical views and other fantastic views of snow-covered ranges. Fresh air, green pine, and a number of deodar trees surround this place making it a beauty to behold. Head to the stunning waterfalls if you are in the pursuit of some tranquillity and really looking forward to that much-needed break from hectic life. Notice the crystal clean water here which looks even more serene.

Feel the joy of the gurgling water that welcomes every tourist with a big cheer and later the droplets dissipate into the air.

When you reach the waterfall, the pleasant fragrance of wet mud fills the air and the refreshing scent can fill your heart with awesomeness. The sparkling and smooth pool of aquamarine water is just too good for every nature enthusiast headed to the beautiful place. All around the waterfalls the sweet nougat smell of flower washes over you and the sun smiles towering right above the legion of tall dense trees.

Marvel at the magnificent view of the white water heaving and plunging from the top as it mesmerizes you with its beauty. The sound of the crashing water is loud but fair; it’s noisy but in a satisfying way. The edges of the falls glitter with silver lines in the sunshine which make it a surreal spectacle to behold. As you look at the gigantic waterspout – to the place where it belongs you would be left to appreciate the majesty of nature.

As mesmerizing as it is to reach Satdhara Falls Dalhousie, it is equally enchanting for all the travelers. Reaching the waterfalls is not a big deal at all.

How to reach Satdhara Falls Dalhousie

Dalhousie doesn’t have its own airport. So, the closest airport is Pathankot airport at a distance of 75 km. Pathankot being a major city in Punjab makes for the easiest place to reach Satdhara Falls Dalhousie.

All around the lush green landscape, sky-touching trees, and fog tinted hills only add to the beauty of the waterfall. All around, the smooth bumps of hills around adorned by snow-covered vistas, and waves of perfection make the views even more stunning. Be there in time just to catch the lovely views live. Satdhara Falls Dalhousie looks like an ideal place for you to be when you are traveling to Dalhousie anytime soon.

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