Save More and Earn More with Granny Flats

The first thing that comes to mind when you read about granny flats is that someone older is living here but in truth these flats offer a lot more than just accommodation for the elderly. This is also referred to as a secondary or an accessory suit in the U.S. It is basically a part of the urban living designs and is used for defining flats or apartments that are self-contained. There are a lot of reasons for getting a secondary flat such as:

It Could Be To Support Your Elderly

One of the first and primary reasons for getting granny flats is that you want to support your elderly. In this reference, it should be remembered that the extension or the set up of the home is done in such a way that you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. Usually these are spaced out in the same boundaries of the home and yet they are close enough so that you can access your parents or grandparents who are living there. Some people prefer getting a closer extension and then connect the same with their existing homes. Doing so helps to expand your property too.

Increasing Property Value

The other reason that people invest in these granny flats is to ensure that they are getting better value for their property in the long run. A lot of individuals tend to have free space in their gardens. Or it is possible that your neighbor wanted to sell off some part of the land and you got an affordable deal. So the next best thing here is of course to do something out of it. And with a granny flat the options are endless. Now you can get this part customized as per your needs. It can be done-up in a way that you are able to create a unique home here or even go for something more recreational like an outhouse or fitness zone.

Rent It Out

Another aspect of setting up these flats is that you are able to get some rental and in the long run also ensure a bit of security. Often, elders or people who are living alone on the outskirts of the city or in the suburbs prefer having some company around for safety issues and also getting some added rental to manage their expenses. With granny flats, you get the dual advantage! If you are a senior then you can easily consider renting out this property to someone younger or even someone who is your age and you wouldn’t mind having their company. If you are young then having this place rented to elders not only gives you company but also adds to the security. For example, if you work then your tenants can help in babysitting or keeping an eye out for you.

With a plethora of designs and variations to choose from, these granny flats are indeed a sensible option. They are quite easy to build and offer you with quant designs that are self sufficient and also sustainable. You can go for a modular style here or get the place done right from scratch. The amount you want to spend on designing these homes is a personal choice. But on the whole, you can be assured that with these homes you can easily build something that is durable and affordable in the long run.

So if there is a bit of extra space in your yard or you feel that you want to get some extra income then consider installing or setting up a granny flat and enjoy these benefits.

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