The Secret Of Sex Starved Wives

It is not widely known that a large number of women feel starved for sex in their marriage. Why? Because women will not talk about this to their friends for fear of embarrassing their husband/or themselves. Over lunch most woman hear from their friends how their husbands always want sex, what an “animal” their husband is. This atmosphere does not encourage sex starved wives to share their problem.

The Secret Of Sex Starved Wives

Husbands will usually not discuss the subject or take action to make any changes. Why? Men feel terrified and ashamed. They want to avoid the shame and failure that this topic brings up for them, so they may refuse to address the issue.

The wife will often feel that she is unattractive and undesirable, that the lack of sexual intimacy is due to her shortcomings. Lack of sex in a marriage contributes to emotional distance. Feeling emotionally distant is painful. Many couples are suffering this type of pain. What can you do?

Michele Weiner Davis suggests, ask your husband to see his Doctor. You might be thinking “how do I get him to see the doctor”? The video will give you tips on how to get this to happen.

Also, know how you can turn him on. Look for ways to improve your sex life. Spice up things, try out various techniques, wear something nice, try some foreplay, experiment with some new positions. Also make sure you are tight down there. It’s a universal known fact that men love younger girls. No matter how shallow it sounds, but it is actually true. Look out for solutions if you are also suffering from Loose Vagina.

Having a tight vagina will make him more interested in you. Find out how you can tighten vagina at home, research how you can make him more passionate and work on it.

Lastly, know that you are not alone, and that help is available. If you find yourself unable to do this on your own then seek the help of a competent marriage counselor.The Secret Of Sex Starved Wives

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