Select an Appropriate Surveillance System for Your House

Security Cameras for Home India

Home security is a timeless concern for homeowners. While homeowners still use strong locks and doors for securing their house, new security methods have also been invented in the form of home security camera systems with advanced features like motion sensors and real-time monitoring. Ever-improving technology has made homes safer than ever, as these electronic monitoring systems connected to smart controls have a broad range of uses beyond simply protecting your home from intrusion. However, before purchasing a security camera, it is very essential for you to do a little research on it, so that you select the right device. A huge variety of security cameras are available in the market, and the selection of the right device depends on factors like the specific environment where the system will be placed, the desired visibility of the camera, the desired aesthetics and so forth.

Here, some of the style and features of the digital monitoring system are specified that will help you select the right security camera for your house.

Dome Cameras

These are most commonly seen cameras and generally used where the devices are required to blend in with the surroundings so as not to make others feel uncomfortable. These systems sometimes come with dark tinted glass which makes it difficult for anyone to determine which way the camera is pointed. Also, many of these systems are fitted with vandalism proof lexan plastic dome to prevent damage. They come in both indoor and outdoor weatherproof versions.

Box Cameras

These devices are basically used where it is not required to be hidden and used partially as deterrent. The box shape of the camera is highly visible and also allows for a variety of variable focal length lenses to be used to achieve the desired coverage area and magnification of details. These devices are usually restricted to indoor use only, since they are not sealed.

Night Vision

If you are going to use the device for night time surveillance where the lighting is dim or completely dark, then it would be better for you to choose a digital monitoring system that has infrared (IR) LEDs that illuminate the area. IR is not visible to the human eye but is visible to the camera.

Wire or Wireless

Whether you want your electronic monitoring system to be hardwired or not is another factor to decide. Wired systems typically send a more solid and secured video signal because they transmit through cable. On the other hand, wireless systems can be placed virtually anywhere with ease, as you don’t have to worry about running cable to them.

With the ever-expanding options for surveillance systems it is easier to protect the house, family and personal possessions. Hence, today security cameras for home India have become a smart choice and an essential part of home security.

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