Select door knobs to better reflect your taste and style

The truth is that every person has it very how style and taste which is reflected in any work that he undertakes. Right from clothing style to handwrite, to gait and haircut, everything seems to be unique. Hence, the home also should be made to reflect your taste and personality. It should have its own style which is well reflected in every aspect, be it small or big. The small aspects like door hardware should not be overlooked, especially when trying to express self.

Doing it yourself

Having the door handles replaced can seem to be a simple home project. But, you are to be equipped properly before actually unscrewing anything. You are required to have several tools for undertaking this project like pencils, handle sets, screwdriver, matching hinges, screws and wood glue. Such items are quite crucial for the home project. This can help to save both money and time, which otherwise will be required to be spent on any professional service. Glass door knobs are the best options available.

Eliminate what exists

After assembling the tools, the next step is to unscrew the screws within their hinges and remove the latter. It can help to save time. Protective goggles are to be worn, in case, any wood is broken accidently enclosing the door handles.

Select the style

It is essential to select the feel and style for every room present in the home. The traditional type of interior door handles are offered typically in different types of metals which includes brass, nickel, iron and chrome. Besides the metals, glass door handles are also available. The other task is to have the material matched with proper finish. To get elegant designs, a dark finish is to be selected like weathered iron or matte satin handles. A trendier, lighter style could possibly be nickel or simple polished brass. The ultra contemporary owner may perhaps consider using colored glass or ordinary glass for enhancing the overall style of the home. The exterior door handles are to be designed from heavier metal that is both burglar and weather resistant.

Other things to consider

You need to take into account the size of the existing handles. Few handles can be quite small and may slip easily from your grasp. You can consider buying handles for those hard to reach areas and higher cabinets. By having door handles substituted with door levers, any inconvenience that you experience at home can be alleviated. The door levers can be just fabulous for homes having small children or for those suffering from disabilities. It is also easy to close and open. After picking up the materials and finishes, matching additional accessories can be purchased like lock sets, hinges and screws.

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