What Is Semantic Keyword Research?

Semantic Keyword Research

If you can’t be on the first page of Google, there is no point in being there at all! We all do Google searches for even the silliest things, but have you ever checked out what is there on the second page of Google search results? I am pretty positive that your answer is negative! The simple truth is that unless you end up on the first page of Google searches, it is hard for your website or blog to achieve the desired visibility and traffic.So, how do you make sure that you get to be on the first page? Your search rankings are what determine this and the demographics these rankings depend on aren’t simple at all.

Keyword Stuffing is a Thing of the Past

There used to be a time when better rankings could be achieved just by coining a few keywords and stuffing your content and pages with them. But, Google and its ranking algorithm have gotten much more intelligent and keyword stuffing doesn’t work in the present scenario. To better your rankings and visibility, the focus should totally be on semantic keyword research!

Semantic Keyword Research

Keywords are still important to rankings but it does not work the same way as it used to. Apart from the targeted keyword phrase in the content, Google also considers the semantics of such words. Semantics simply refers to words and phrases that are related to or mean the same thing as your targeted keyword phrase.

Semantic Keyword Research considers the well-known fact that most users type in whole sentences while they search for something on the web. Also, this makes sure that the users always end up on the right kind of websites they are looking for and not on sites that try to manipulate the rankings by keyword over usage.

Advantages of Semantic Keyword Research

Semantic Keyword Research improves the user experience of the internet users by giving them the exact information they are looking. From the perspective of a blogger or website owner, it enhances their traffic and click-through rate if your content provides value to the user.

How to do your Semantic Keyword Research?

So, you have decided on a post to write on. How do you make sure that your Semantic Keyword Research is effective? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Do your regular keyword research and zero in on the core keywords for your article or content. The selection should be based on the search volume of each probable keyword and keyword phrases.
  • This is the important part. Make an exhaustive list of related keywords and other terms that mean the same thing as your principal keywords. Consider the search volume of these related terms as well.
  • Figure out the possible search terms and buying terms that might be used by the majority of internet users.
  • Use the core keywords and related terms in your article or content. This should be done naturally and the keywords should not stick out like sore thumbs. This is where your content writing skills come into play.
  • If you find it hard to come up with content that has keywords naturally integrated into it, the best thing to do is to streamline your content writing requirements.

Outsourcing your Content Requirements and Keyword Research

If you find the writing job to be too hard for you, your content needs could be streamlined to content writing services or such agencies. Freelance content writers could be hired through freelance writing platforms like Contentmart.

Contentmart makes it extremely easy for you to hire experienced writers from across the globe. The choice offered by the website is really good and you can zero in on a writer after considering his or her ratings and reviews. You can view the portfolio of each writer to assess their writing skills and quality. The website also has a client-friendly guarantee policy that ensures a full refund if you do not get the desired results. The rates charged by the writers are affordable and you will always be able to find quality writers that fit into your budget.

The best part about using Contentmart is that you can hire SEO writers who have good expertise and experience in Semantic Keyword Research. The writers will take care of the keyword research and will use them in the article naturally. This improves the visibility of your content and helps drive more traffic to your website or blog.


If you want your content to rank, proper Semantic Keyword Research is something you cannot afford to ignore. It is quite easy to do it if you understand how it works and has the writing skills to execute the natural usage of the principal keywords and its related terms. If that doesn’t work, you could hire the services of SEO expert writers through freelance websites like Contentmart.

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