SEO TIPS: The Top 5 for Beginners


Content writing is more than just an easy task of writing; it’s the form of skill that improves through practice and practice. It’s a kind of art in some ways. Content writing primarily helps improve your website’s image and provides a quick look into how your company works.

content writing
Increasing your search engine rankings and website traffic are the top goals of any enterprise. Having effective posts or articles for website content that will generate leads is the priority of any company. So, prepared below are the top five search engine optimization (SEO) tips for beginners.

#1. It’s All About Content

In this technology-driven time, the Internet is the highlight of the crop. Everything can be found on the web. Whatever you want to know, you’d probably find on Google or YouTube. Advocates of SEO Philippines-based or not, often point to content marketing as the key driver of optimization.

Hence, publish a post or blog with purposive and readable and sometimes humorous and entertaining content. This would pull the reader to engage more of the website’s content, which will increase the traffic. And if they like what they read, they are more likely to stay on the site.

The arrangement of the paragraphs from start to finish, as well as the overall message of the article, matters to the readers. Organizing the flow of the material and keeping it clean and readable should be a priority. The placement of major notes should always be well thought off also.

Always remember that the engagement of the article to the readers will assure readership.

#2. Using Keywords

Keywords are used to better optimize your website. It means that these keywords will be a particular difference from other articles on the Internet. It’s a standout among others while still connected to the article’s main topic of interest.

These keywords are also placed strategically into the material without making it sound “off” or weird. However, it’s essential for you to understand, that randomly putting keywords is not an effective way to gain readership. Too many keywords could hurt also. The important thing here is that you are aware what keywords to use for the article and you know where to place those words. Additionally, you also know how to make the sentences of the articles sound natural while making perfect sense to the readers.

#3. Attraction of Headlines

Headlines are probably the most crucial part of the article. The headline is the first capturing web for readers. Having an attractive and creative headline leads the reader to click your article and read it. The effectivity of your headline will immerse the reader’s attention.

Having a witty, yet powerfully relevant and compelling headline will opt your article for reading. The headlines you can use can be dramatic or funny, even at times, controversial. But you’ll have to consider the content of your article if it would fit your desired headline. Remember, you have a few seconds to get the attention of reader’s so choose the terms wisely and be creative! 

#4. Lengthy Articles

The attention span of a reader is short. Reading long articles will bore them out, often choosing to not finish the article they’ve started. Since, the goal is towards readership and website traffic, having articles that keep the readers intact is important.

Ideally, an article should have around 400 to 1200 words. At times it could be 400 to 800 words. However, in this limit sphere, all the necessary and needed notes for the topic are already covered and supported. The length matters to maintain the attention of the reader, but within this context, the message of the article should be already handed down to the reader. Again, always keep in mind that the users are vital for the company and maintaining that audience are essential for the success of the enterprise.

#5. Topic on Point

When writing articles, straying away from the topic can happen. It’s inevitable. But you have to remember that you should keep your articles intact and on point with the topic. These posts are for business people, and they require the complete and relevant features for their respective companies.

So keep it simple, relevant, and on point. You can always add your flare into the article but always have your focus on how to make the article readable and pertinent. The best one for your client. If they like your performance, you’ll be on their top list.

Keeping the audience occupied with your work will make a good impression on you as a writer for the company. Great writing will also increase the visitors of the website, and it will generate the needed outcome you’d like for your business’s growth and development.

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  1. Hi there Lem. Awesome tips. I found your article helpful. I can now create unique keywords to google to send me more visitors on my website. I don’t have t pay for expensive keywords tools that are expensive and complicated, Isn’t it?

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