Shape Your House with the Latest Home Decor Trends

Are you thinking of some latest home decor trends for your apartment complex in Madhyamgram? Then, here we are to guide you with the most recent home designs of 2017. Shape your home beautifully this year to make it stand out from the crowd. The idea is to make the year bright and beautiful in every possible way and at any point of the year. Before you start adding the new trends, say goodbye to the outdated trends of 2016.

While browsing the internet, we have found several websites talking about the home decor trends of 2017. We have even spoken to a few top designers to get a clear picture of the interior designs of this year. It is never too late to beautify your house. It has been observed that we mostly wait for the Spring season to revamp the decor of our homes. Whether you are looking for an overall renovation or just want to add a splash of the latest trend, we will always be there to guide you.

Here below are some of the latest home decor trends for your ready reference:

Go for Bright Green

Use the cherry shade of green as it has been chosen as one of the best shades of 2017. Interior designers have named this shade to be the most preferred Pantone colour of the year. Choosing this shade refers to greenery, which defines revitalization and refreshment. This shade can be used widely to encourage freshness in the home environment.

Go for Butterfly Designs

Did you know that butterflies are gradually appearing to be a happy and buoyant motif for home decor? Butterflies are a symbol of both optimism and grace and now it is not just designated to only children’s rooms but variety spaces also. We shall recommend you to use turquoise butterfly wallpaper for your bedroom and see how it adds beauty to your house.

Go for Mixed Patterns

Using mixed patterns as the home decor was first seen at the New York Fashion Week – Fall 2016. The same has already appeared in this year’s home decor trend as well. If you are a pattern lover, then you would love the concept of mixed patterns. This year, go for the mismatched and enticing patterns to make your residential property in Madhyamgram look unique in comparison to others.

Go for Faux Finishes

2017 calls for the faux finishes for your home decor. We are not just pointing out at the faux fur rugs, there are other items of home decor as well. Presently, both the designers and homeowners are gradually turning to faux materials as these are budget-friendly. It is even said that such materials are more reliable than the authentic materials. It is said that faux fur appeals to those home decorators who prefer staying animal-friendly.

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