Sleep Well with top 10 Home Remedies for Dry Socket

home remedies for dry socket

What is dry socket?

Dry socket is a condition that few people have after a tooth removal because when a tooth has been pulled out the oral cavity, a hole named socket appears and it is full of the blood clot to protect the bone as well as the nerve underneath. Sometimes, this blood clot is broken up, which makes the bone and nerve expose to air, food, and fluid. This is the reason dry socket can cause a lot of pain and increase the risk of infection.

1. Saline rinse

Saline water is the simplest way to cope with dry socket. The traditional way is very effective to wipe the bacteria out the oral cavity and also relieve the pain and swelling. Rinse saline two times per day in the morning and before going to bed can bring the surprising result with this condition. You can add this for home remedies of sore throat.

2. Stop using tobacco

The smoker has a higher risk of getting dry socket than the non-smoker. Some recent extensive controlled studies show that inside the cigarette, there are many toxins that decrease the healing rate. Cigarette contains nicotine- a vasoconstriction which causes less blood flow to the wound and less blood flow leads to less nutrition goes to the wound. If you have a tooth removal, you should avoid using tobacco before and after the tooth extraction.

3, Turmeric

If the dry socket happened, turmeric could be a very good choice because of a chemical curcumin inside turmeric. Curcumin acts as an anti-inflammation which has the ability to reduce the pain together with the swelling in dry socket. You can eat some fresh slices of turmeric or add turmeric powder in warm milk to get a certain amount of curcumin. Another option is applying the gauze that contains turmeric powder.

4. Garlic

Garlic is a common spice in any kitchen around the world. Garlic has a wide variety of benefits to the health, especially with dry socket. Garlic is a powerful, broad-spectrum, natural antibiotic which can prevent or treat the infection as a dangerous risk of dry socket very well. The inflammation caused by dry socket is also able to be reduced by using garlic. The best way to use garlic for treating dry socket is chewing the fresh garlic slices so the garlic juice can spread out the entire oral cavity and the inflammation will be reduced rapidly.

5. Clove oil

Clove oil has been known as a herb for dry socket a very long time ago. Clove oil has a strong ability to wipe out the bacteria which can cause the infection in the dry socket. It also helps to decrease the painful feeling when the patient has a tooth extraction. Moreover, clove oil is able to eliminate bad odor as well as whitening the teeth.

6. Cold compress

Cold compress has been used widely in daily life and medicine field, from relieving the pain to treating the bruise. In dry socket case, cold compress is also very effective to decrease the pain and the particular thing is this remedy can be done easily in the home. Putting some ice in a towel then applying it in the area where you feel pain. You shouldn’t use direct ice to avoid cold burn.

7. Apple cider vinegar

Apple vinegar has some special substances that act as anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria. Apple cider vinegar creates an acidity environment which can suppress the bacterial development. Dipping a cotton ball in the liquid that is mixed from some drops of apple cider vinegar and water then applying it in the dry socket site. Stirring that kind of liquid is another option to reduce the pain from dry socket.

8. Eat soft food and keep hydrated

One of factor triggers the dry socket is chewing too much due to eating hard food or high fiber food. Eating soft food is one of the best preventive ways to avoid the dry socket. Eating soft food also increases the absorption rate and the nutrition easily go into the blood stream to the wound. Keep hydrated is very important in treating dry socket because it guarantees good blood supply to the wound site.

9. Black tea bags

Black tea contains a high amount of a special substance named acid tannic which can promote dry socket healing by increase healing process and reducing inflammatory reaction. Drinking black tea is also a good habit for your health. With dry socket, you can dip the black tea bags in a hot pot in 10 seconds then squeeze it to take out the excess water, after that you put in the refrigerator to cool down it and apply it in the site of dry socket. Finally, rinse your mouth with salt water or black tea to have better effect.

10. Lemon

Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C which boosts up the immune system so you will have a less risk to get an infection from dry socket. Vitamin C in lemon also very good for the gum’s growing. Every morning, you put some lemon juice into a cup then use it to rinse. Besides that, you should intake one or two cups of lemon juice to recover quickly from the dry socket.

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