Smart SEO Tips for Global Financial Services Websites

SEO for financial services

Do you have a financial services website and planning to approach the global audience with your products? If the answer is yes, then you need to hire efficient SEO services to boost your sites global online visibility. You also need to have a global site template, using which the new version of your site will be rolled out. A smart website template will not only help you manage the website across different markets with greater ease but will also help you apply effective international SEO strategies.

Experts providing SEO for financial services have some more tips that will prove helpful to you.

Making your links more navigable – Financial services websites are usually launched to target different markets at various geographical locations. Now, suppose you’ve two or three different websites for each local market. Thus, you have to work with large number of links along with different URLs and different languages. If you cannot handle all these properly, your backlink profile will become weak. Insert a dropdown box so that visitors can easily access language variations on your site.

Make the content informative and unique – There are various websites for different kinds of financial professionals and investors. However, the products you provide are different from one investor to other. This might create some problem how you provide content to the investors.  There is no exact answer however, a certain part of the content will be different for communicating to different kinds of investors you are targeted for each website. This will distinguish the content for several sites and help improve ranking in search engines.

English is not mandatory – Since English is considered to be the language for business, it is a wise decision to launch your website in this particular language. But if you find people want to make investment with you and this requires building trust in your particular brand, it is worth enough to localise your content into market language you want to target. This contributes a lot to the experience of users and you will probably find more local searches by using local language, in terms of SEO.

Importance of domain name – There are three choices for selecting a domain name, either a country level domain, .com domain with other sub domains or a .com domain with sub folders. Example of a country-level domain is .uk and it creates a positive result on organic search results. On the other hand, if your business has marketing plans for China and Russia, your site should be easily searched out by Baidu and Yandex search engines respectively. A .com domain can be easily associated with any country on earth. Moreover, if you have sub folders in a .com domain (for example:, it is possible to target them to your preferred market.

 How Hreflang tags can help reach out to the right audience

Hreflang tags can help search engines know which version of the website can be used for which kind of market. This will also enable you to target both countries and languages in these codes.

These tags can be used when you are new to a specific market, as your original site might do better than the new website in search engines. Besides, they also help search engines know that localised content on your website is not duplicate content issue rather it is targeted for a definite market.

According to SEO for financial advisors, you need to set up every version of your website in Google Search Console. For this, you need to geo-target properly in order to reach out to a wide number of audiences. If you are planning to take your site into the foreign market, it is important to keep in mind SEO of your website and try to avoid falling into the pitfalls mentioned in this blog.

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