How Does Smoking Affect You And Your Unborn Child

Nowadays, women also have a habit of smoking and continue it even when there are pregnant.  This creates many hazardous damages to both mother and baby well-being. Do you know? Smoking during pregnancy affects you and your unborn child health before, during, and after you give birth your baby.

While smoking, you inhale the carbon monoxide, nicotine, and many other from a cigarette, which carried through your bloodstream straightly goes to your baby. Being a woman, you must keep in mind that quit smoking is not good for your health as well as your child.

Here, you are going to see some health issues that you need to face if you smoke during pregnancy. Hopefully, you will quit smoking and take best e-liquid after reading the article thoroughly because you should have affection and love for your unborn baby.

Dangers of smoking during pregnancy:

In this article, you will see twelve dangerous problems to be faced by the habit of smoking while pregnant so go through it completely. Then take a right decision having your unborn baby in your mind.

Never put smoking and pregnancy together:

You must never mix smoking and pregnancy because it leads you to face many health and mental issues in an unborn baby. When you smoke during pregnancy, it puts you as well as your unborn baby at risk. Do you know smoking significantly increases the pregnancy complications? Some of the risks can be fatal for mother or even for the baby.

Getting pregnant:

Do you want to get pregnant but you smoke? Then you must give priority for quitting the smoking habit. Even though you are healthy, smoking can prevent you from getting pregnant. If you smoke in the first trimester of the pregnancy, it will eventually affect the health of your baby. According to the report of The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, both female and male smokers are facing infertility problem as twice as compared to non-smokers. Furthermore, secondhand smoke is also dangerous to the fetus.

Congenital disabilities:

Smoking and having best e-liquid can also increase the risk of your baby being born with congenital disabilities. Some common problems are congenital heart defects and issues with the heart structure.

Ectopic pregnancy:

Nicotine present in the cigarette can cause contractions in the fallopian tubes as per the study published in the PLoS One journal. This contraction can prevent the embryo from passing through the uterus. This can result in the ectopic pregnancy. It occurs when the fertilized eggs implant the uterus outside either in the abdomen or the fallopian tube. In such situation, the embryo must remove to avoid the risk of life threatening to the mother.

Placental abruption:

The placental is a lifeline structure, which forms during pregnancy to give the fetus with oxygen and nutrients. Smoking and having best e-liquid is the important risk factor for many complications related to the placenta. Among those issues, placenta abruption is the primary condition in which the placenta splits from the uterus before the childbirth. It causes severe bleeding and life-threaten issues for baby and mother.

Stillbirth and miscarriage:

At any stage, the unexpected miscarriage is the tragic event, and it typically occurs in the first months of the pregnancy.  In rare cases, they can occur after twenty weeks of gestation called as stillbirth. According to the CDC, smoking increases the chances of both stillbirth and early miscarriage. Other risks from smoking can lead to issues with the placenta or slow fetus development. These problems can cause a stillbirth or miscarriage as well.

Preterm birth:

Smoking while pregnant can cause preterm birth as per the CDC. Besides, numerous health problems appear with this such as mental disability, complications lead to death, visual and hearing impairments, etc.

Placenta previa:

Placenta previa stays in the lower part of the uterus either partially or entirely cover the cervix. At the time of pregnancy, the placenta grows in the uterus towards the womb top. This only leaves the cervix open for delivery. It is also one of the risk factor associated with smoking.

Low birth weight:

A lady gives birth a baby with a low weight are also because of smoking. It does not mean delivering a small baby but also leads to many health problems and disabilities.  Due to the medical advancement, quitting smoking reduces the birth of low weight baby. However, it is a still critical condition and can result in cerebral palsy, developmental delay, etc. Sometimes it can also cause the death of a newborn.


Most pregnant women still smoke even they know its risk and how it affects them as well as their unborn baby. About 10% of women report that they smoked but pick best e-liquid for them while they are three months of pregnancy, according to the CDC. Quit smoking is the best way to avoid pregnancy complications associated with smoking.

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