Soccer Fundraising Ideas: How to Raise Money for Your Soccer Team?

Raising money for your Soccer team isn’t a cakewalk. It takes a lot of patience and awareness to choose the right path for your fundraising initiative.

Let us go through this quick guide on raising money for your soccer team.

How does fundraising work?

“Take my money and play,” said no one ever. No one would give you their money for free. Fundraising, therefore, is tricky.

You have to find a reliable fundraising company that helps you through the process. The deal is to buy some products in wholesale pricing and then sell it in a community where you expect most returns. The margin that you keep to sell that product is your money. It’s more or less like a mediator business, but with a cause attached. Also, you don’t do it for commercial purposes, rather just to raise money for your team. People are more willing to buy your products if they like your team.

Factors to keep in mind

There are various factors that you need to bear in mind before heading towards raising money. Choosing any soccer fundraising idea isn’t going to help you. You have got to be well-informed before you take a dive.

Choose a company that’s reliable: Read about the soccer fundraising company you choose. Do your research well before you enter a deal.

Choose the product with careful consideration: Think of your community where you will be selling the product and finalize on products that your community is more likely to buy. Also, make sure you are settling for good quality products.

Choose everyday products: You can’t sell things that people don’t use regularly. Your product must be value-for-money and something that people would really need to buy.

Choose products available on wholesale pricing: To raise money for your team, your margin should be considerable. Balancing between selling a value-for-money product and making money is only possible if you get the products on a cheap wholesale pricing so that you can sell it with a good

Soccer Fundraising Ideas

Let’s explore a few possibilities on the products you can sell to raise funds for your soccer team. When you finalize a company, choose one that gives you the most suitable soccer fundraising ideas according to you.

Sell Water bottles:

This is a brilliant idea because water bottles are almost essential for every player in every game. Imagine the number of bottles that get consumed during your practice games.

You can find it in cheap wholesale price and sell with branding labels of your team. Selling water bottles as a fundraising idea is great to raise large funds if you can pull this off.

Sell liquid laundry detergent:

Wondering why? Well, there’s a great logic behind this. Every household uses liquid laundry detergent. They are already purchasing this product almost every month. The products they purchase must be costing them a little more than what you can offer them with the help of a fundraising company that sells liquid laundry detergent in wholesale pricing. There’s good margin and it wouldn’t be difficult to convince people to buy laundry detergent.

Sell fast food discount vouchers

Another idea that works all season! You can sell discount vouchers for fast food to families and friends who will definitely appreciate the significant discount they will get. Every fast food chain like McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dominos Pizza, and many others provide these vouchers in cheap prices when bought in bulk. Each card would cost you around $1- $2 while you can sell it for $10. It’s a great margin for you to raise funds for your soccer team.

Soccer fundraising might not be as easy as a pie, but it is definitely not herculean. Efforts in the right direction will definitely bring you success.

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