Space-saving tips to make your home look big

Making an extra space at villas in Bangalore is a dream for most residents. As most of us have modest rooms, but still small space planning is desirable for the smart families. It is just about being conscious!

Having free space is good in many ways for Vastu, for positive energy flow, or even for kids to run around. It is all about simplifying your lifestyle with necessary furnishings. It is possible to live happily even at 4 BHK villas near Yelahanka or any luxury villas in Bangalore.

  1. Avoid shoving the furniture towards the wall. Make it little floating or in an angled posture in your living room. Vividly shaded furniture makes it look more spacious and comfortable to breathe. It is also more sensible to decorate the space with small furniture for a small area. Probably a luxurious armchair or huge couch can keep the space uncluttered and hard to move around.
  2. Dark shades look attractive and artistic but they make the room look smaller. Rather pale shaded wall colours like off-white, pale gray, creamy or blue hues look airy and creative. The trend these days is of giving any bright shades to the wall and a darker ceiling. Light shaded wallpapers is also another idea that creates a great depth and attracts your eyes upward. It also makes the room look brighter and larger.
  3. Say a big no to those big luxury sofa furniture that lets you sleep on it. Vintage sofa with built in storage look simply superb! After all sofas are to sit comfortably. Having a built-in storage helps to store blankets or books. It helps you to save money and also save space. Avoid bedside table if you’re concerned about the spacing. It is bit hard to practice but having small attractive boxes towards the head side of your cot could help in keeping important gadgets like mobile, AC/ TV remote, book. Or decorate the bedroom by just putting a bed on the floor or futon types and a single table with shelves, just next to the bed. Furnishing this way would make the room look big!
  4. Mirrors play simple and glamourous role in making the room look spacious. Create a style statement by hanging different-sized multiple mirrors or a full-sized mirror against a key wall. Arrange those favorite items (books, home decor or cookeries) from smaller ends. This gives a streamlined visual with pleasing personality.
  5. Dining area should be slashed yet lavish. Select dining table that has drop leaves or can slide towards the wall when needed. This helps you run around and can also be used has a six seater dining when required.
  6. No more dark drapes and lengthy once. Either transparent window curtains or uncovered. Let the natural landscape reflect inside the living room. Sheer off-white or gray drapes gives an airy feel for privacy.
  7. Try to avoid tall tables or chairs. Say no to high headboards. It is really nice and easily accessible by creating chairs or table a minimum level of height from the ground. It will make the room wall and ceiling higher giving it a much bigger look. Transparent furniture is another tricky strategy for space saving. Pair the desk with the latest acrylic chairs. This gives a minimal visual impact yet makes the whole room look larger. Lucite chair and small desk is the latest combination that is used by many residents at luxury villas in Bangalore. They are stylish and comfortable.

Enhance your smaller living areas with this elementary tips.

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