Start a Power Washing Business

Wondering what to do with the power washer locked away in your garage? Ever thought to turn it into a business? Yes, that’s right you can easily get it done if you enjoy doing the washing during your free days. Before you embark on this business, ask yourself, do you have some interest in it? If so, then you are right on track. Read on for more tips on what you will do to start getting paid with your neighbours.

Learn how to power wash perfectly

You may be having some basics on power washing but that does not mean you can start immediately. Master this art like a pro and this way you will not be blamed for damages in a client’s homes because they won’t happen. Learn it professionally and once you are done you can take off and start small.

Conduct research on the service prices

Starting this business does not mean you are alone in the field, if you are, enjoy the monopoly while it lasts. Otherwise, get to know how much your competitors are charging. This way you can get to know how much you should charge yourself. It shouldn’t be too low to incur loses or too high to scare away potential clients. That is how this research will help in striking the balance.

Will you get profits? 

The rule of thumb for all businesses is to make profits in order to stay in business, and if not you better pack and go home. Sad but true, so when you are thinking of power washing business, this should definitely apply. To find out if you will get profits at the end of it all, there are two things involved; money in and money out. For money out, factors here include costs that you will incur in the process such as ads, maintenance and transportation while for money in, it includes the pay of the day. The difference between money out and money in is the answer to your profit/loss enquiry.

Keep it legal 

In any business dealing it is always advisable to be on the safe side by following the law of the land to the tee. Going against it is not only unethical, but will cost you dearly once you are jailed for not following the rules and regulations. To keep things legal get a license, permit or any other business documentation required. You will also be required to get insurance to cover damages or any mishaps during power washing. Being at per with the law may be daunting but is always safe and cheaper as compared to paying up fines after being found on the wrong side of the law.

Start small

Although you are excited about your new business, do not be tempted to go overboard with advertisements or employing staffs yet you are just starting. Starting small helps your business pick up gradually as you learn the tricks of the trade. A small business is easy to manage and with time you will have enough experience and resources to think of expanding your business.

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