6 Steps to Find the Lawyer You Need

Young woman holding scales of justice and a gavel with the camera focus on the scales

Young woman holding scales of justice and a gavel with the camera focus on the scales

Finding a good attorney may be the most important step you can take toward winning a legal case and it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You will, however, need to take your time with the search. Focus your efforts on finding a lawyer that has dealt with your specific legal issue in the past and that you get along with personally. Taking the time to find the right lawyer will be worth it, as they are more likely to help you win your case.

You must find out what type of lawyer you need for your case. There are some legal matters that need a general practice lawyer who can handle different types of cases. However, there are some legal matters too that need a special lawyer who specialize on a specific area of law.

Get referrals and recommendations from friends and family. Talk to friends and family members who used an attorney. Find out who they hired, for what type of service, if they were happy with the services, and why or why not. Ask if they would recommend the attorney.

Hit the Google search bar and type in the lawyer your need. You may want to look for a lawyer that fits your legal needs such as compensation law. You can also use the search engine like Google to find the best lawyer you need in your local area or someone who specializes in specific area of law.

Review the law firm’s website. You can actually narrow down your list in doing this. Some of the things to look for are the following:

• Check their professionalism. Most of the lawyers don’t create their websites themselves. In fact, there’s a possibility that they are not the one who write the web content. A lawyer is a good one if he or she makes more money and maintain a website that offers detailed information about their services.

• Check the detailed information about law firm and its lawyers. All law firm websites contain an About Me or About Us section. You must read with comprehension the information provided in the website about the lawyer’s credentials. Read where the lawyers graduated and the degrees they took during their stay in the university. Feel the kinds of lawyer you want to deal with.

• Check the awards and recognition of the lawyer. Lawyers may mention the awards and recognition he or she received. It may include a membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum or AV Rating in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.

Conduct candidate interviews. One of the best ways to assess a lawyer’s legal ability is by interviewing the lawyer. Most attorneys will provide an initial consultation (usually an hour or less) at no charge. A few important questions to ask during this meeting are:

• How long has he been in practice?
• What is his track record of success?
• What are his fees and how are they structured?
• Does he carry malpractice insurance? If so, how much?
• How often will you be billed?
• Can he provide references from other clients?
• Does he have a written fee agreement or representation agreement?
• How will he inform you of developments in your case?

Consult and listen. No matter what type of attorney you consider engaging, you will want to be sure to explain the nature of your business and the support you need in great detail during an initial consultation. Many lawyers will do an initial consultation free of charge. To the extent you seek legal advice in this consultation, the conversation surrounding that legal advice will be protected by the attorney-client privilege, even if no money is exchanged and you hire someone else. So, you should feel free to speak candidly and get to the heart of the kind of help and support you need. If you are unsure as to the support you need, this is something you can ask your lawyer for advice about as well.

May you find the best lawyer in town!

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