Steps to put on right pomade

Pomade is one of the hair oil products that have been used for years. With Pomade, you can change your hairstyle to your liking. In the past, there was only one Pomade that is Oil Based, but now along with that Water Based pomade, which can be easily washed with water, is now available. Whether it’s hair, Spike  , shiny hair , messy hair but stylish, Pomade is the best choice to maintain your hairstyle all day.

How to use the correct Pomade

  1. Choose the right Pomade

As mentioned above, there are 2 types of Pomade: Oil Based Pomade and Water Based Pomade , choose one according to the style that you will use. Oil-based Pomade is more expensive compared to Water-based pomade because the raw material is Oil or oil based substance. Make your hair shinier and have stronger resistance with this. Disadvantages of this type of pomade are that it is insoluble with water, so you cannot clean it with water alone. Water based Pomade is more user friendly. This type of pomade has unparalleled glossiness and strength when compared to oil based pomade , if Oil based pomade can last for 3 days then water based pomade can only last for a day. Since this type of pomade is water-based, you can clean it easily.

  1. Choose the power of the pomade you want Each Pomade has the strength or rather the different endurance. Use pomade that really suits your hair needs. Judging from the power, Pomade generally divided into 3 kinds of Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each has its own advantages;Light pomade type has high gloss but hold or lower strength.
  2. Wash hair with Shampoo Pomade attached well in clean hair, otherwise pomade will be maximal for moist hair. So before using it wash and clean your hair with shampoo. Dry with a dry towel so that the water content in the hair is not too much.
  3. Pick up enough Pomade How to use pomade Start by poking a little pomade, just the tip of the finger only and flatten into the palm of the hand. Why only the tip of a finger? Of course you can add it little by little, do not take pomade directly in large quantities because we know if you immediately take pomade in large quantities and rubbed it into your hair cannot reduce it again.
  4. Rub on the hair you want to set once you level the pomade in the palm of the hand, rub it and press it onto the hair part you want to order. Make sure the pomade is completely flat.
  5. Set the hairstyle you want

The last thing that matters most is to style your hair. You can be creative, use your imagination to style your hair. Some tips for you, if you want a spike style just use your hands and fingers to arrange. For a pompadour style you can use a tight-tooth comb, a hair comb from the roots to the end so that the pomade is actually attached to the hair.

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