This Summer keep Your House Cool following 5 Essential Tips

The temperature is close to 45 degree Celsius in Delhi and its nearby areas, and the weather is getting extremely hot and dry, add the pollution to it and life becomes extremely difficult. On most occasions, people might recommend you to run out of the city and visit to the nearest hill station in order to beat the heat. However, considering that not all of us have the luxury of summer vacations but jobs that we can’t afford to take leave from, here, in this article, we are offering you some simple but useful tips to keep your home sweet home cool from this terrible heat of the summer, so that you can stay calm and relaxed in your personal space, after a long tiring day.

Internal Heat

The most common sources of the internal heat gain in a house are- appliances, electronic devices and lightings. You should be aware of the fact that from where the heat is coming. Do not put lights, televisions or any other devices on unnecessarily, as the heat from these appliances increases the temperature within the room. Unless you absolutely need them, turn the appliances off.

Roofs & Walls

If you have got a flat roof, paint it with a specially formulated reflective paint or simply paint it white. The reflective effect of the paint will help keep the space under the flat roof much cooler.

Shades & Drapes

When it comes to the shades and drapes of your room, it is always better to install white window shades and drapes during summer in order to reflect heat away from the house. Also, close the shades and draperies of the east-facing window in the morning and west-facing window in the afternoon. This will keep the blazing heat of the sun out and help fans and air conditioners cool down the space more efficiently.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can be a great investment for your home, if you are looking for ways to beat the heat. This one appliance can make a room feel approximately 6 to 7 degrees cooler. Nevertheless, make sure that your ceiling fan is turned on for summer and you should feel the air blown downward.

Check your Air Conditioner

You cannot think of going through the hot and humid summer season especially in Delhi without an air conditioner. However, the most frustrated and very uncomfortable situation takes place when your AC breaks down just as the temperature begins to soar. To avoid getting yourself stuck with a non-functional AC, make sure you get a maintenance check done well from time to time. For instance: you may find an oil-like substance over the coils of the AC; this may indicate a gas leak and for which you have to call an AC repairing professional. If you stay at Gurgaon or nearby areas, you may contact the AC gas filling service in Gurgaon or Delhi, for they offer excellent services at your doorstep.

So, if your take care of the above discussed tips, you can definitely turn your home sweet home as comforting place to relax in and you can definitely keep yourself and your house away from the sweltering heat of this summer.

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