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The Connection Between Organizational Culture and Leadership [Infographic]

Leaders play a pivotal role in driving the performance of an organization. They shape the behavior and thought processes of other employees, giving rise to a healthy organizational culture. This, in the long run, affects the growth of a business. Sources: http://www.robertsoncooper.com/how-we-do-it/our-products/leadership-impact http://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/follow-the-leader-shaping_b_8617808 https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/238640 http://www.coactive.com

Improving Organizational Culture and Leadership

Improving or altering the organizational culture at work can be one of the most difficult tasks for leaders. Within a particular business culture, there are always underlying assumptions, attitudes, communication practices, goals, procedures, roles and values. These fundamentals are all interrelated, and most of the