Take a Trip Up To The North And Be Inspired

There is a wide range of beautiful holiday destinations across the world. From the culturally rich capital of Vietnam, Hanoi to Paris in France, the city of love with numerous hotels with great landmarks like the Eifel Tower. However, one place in particular that is worth visiting includes a variety of different locations in Northern Europe including Estonia, Norway, Sweden and many more. Each of these areas are dotted with beautiful cities that are worth visiting in addition to having great attractions for those who want to experience the countryside and nature.

The Countryside and Nature:

If you’re looking to get away from the city and experience the countryside then the far north is a great place to get this experience. Taking holidays to Lapland for example is a great way to see natural beauty that has yet to be spoiled by modern development. Located in the far north, Finnish Lapland is occupied by the Sami People, a cultural group that contribute to the diverse society of Finland today. The area is also known for being a great place to see the northern lights or the aurora borealis a phenomena that rivals other natural occurrences of earth as it captivates the beauty of the far north.

Fantastic Cities and Scenery:

In addition to the fantastic Northern Lights Holidays you can get, the far north also has a large number of beautiful cities with lovely landmarks and scenery. Visit the capital city in Sweden, Stockholm which has 14 beautiful islands that are connected through ferries and bridges. The city is well-revered by visitors for the sparkling crown jewels in the Royal Palace of Stockholm. You can also check out the Ostermalm Market Hall which can provide excellent and authentic cuisine and shopping. Other cities worth visiting in Sweden include Gothenburg for its location and fantastic architecture. Artists and art lovers alike will enjoy visiting the works featured in the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

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