Taste the Religious Plethora of Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh and a beautiful city of India has a lot for its visitors. The city is packed with tourist and natural spots. Whether you are a lover of adventure, historic richness or religious aura, you can enjoy them all under the roof of this city.

There is absolutely no need to worry for your stay because there are many cosy and comfortable three star hotels in Bhopal available for tourists. So, let the ball roll for your adventurous buff. For a quick peep, let us walk through some of the magnificent religious destinations of Bhopal.

Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple which is created by Raja Bhoj is amongst the most visited spots in Bhopal. Though this temple is incomplete in its construction, the amazing art work, the monolithic huge Shiva Lingam and the sculptures fascinate mystical believers, olden time’s buffs and art fans to a massive extent.


Taj-ul-Masjid is one of the most enthralling historical places in the city. It is an antique mosque which brags of its wonderful architecture, fresco arts and Islamic engravings. Similarly, Taj-ul-Masjid is beautifully themed on the panaches of Syrian mosques and Qibla wall. It is inscribed with eleven arches of work of trellis.

The building of the Mosque was started during the time of the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah. It possesses a pink facade crowned by two eighteen storey high octagonal minarets along with marble domes. The Mosque also contains three magnificent bulbous domes a captivating main hallway along with stunning pillars and marble flooring. The entire area of mosque is a treat to eyes.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan temple which is also known as Birla Mandir is amidst the eighteen temples formed across the country by the eminent Birla family. TheBirla Mandir at Bhopal is embroidered with the yellowish looks and mapped at the top of the Arera Hills. It provides a spectacular site of the enclosed areas and lakes. Icing on the cake is that the wide lawns scattered along with elegant fountains and beds of multi-shaded flowers surround the magnificent temple in a superb manner. All the individuals who visit this destination can snatch calmness and gorgeousness from the spot of this temple.

The Beautiful Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa is a very popular Buddhist shrines in the whole world. It is adored for its old architecture and art. This is situated in Sanchi. It is heavily believed by Buddhists that the well-known King Asoka wanted to spread a message of Buddhism in all the parts of nation. This amazing site of Buddhism carries a great importance in the souls of millions of visitors. Moreover, Sanchi is also renowned for its example of deep Buddhist architecture and art.

In a nutshell, give yourself a spiritual experience of Bhopal. Let the land of lakes amaze you with its spiritual richness too. Don’t panic about the rooms, you can get suitable Bhopal 3 star hotels at reasonable rates. Once you visit Bhopal, you would definitely revisit it wholeheartedly.

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