Techniques to Increase Sale in FMCG Business


Be it soft drinks, packaged food, cleaning products, alcohol or toiletries, the sale of your FMCG business is affected by several reasons. There are several factors like price, product demand, and FMCG TV ads that drive the sale of your products. Here are some ways to increase the sale of your business.

Target specific markets

Whether you are selling chocolate or deodorants, you need to identify your customers to maximize your sale. Who are you selling to? Why should they buy your product? What are their profits in buying your products? The answers to all these questions will make you identify your target customers and market.

Smart pricing

FMCG products usually sell at low prices. In present day, customers are clever enough to compare prices of the same product sold by different brands. In such situation, it might be possible that your product is amazing suiting to everyone needs, but the price is quite high in comparison to your rivals. It will adversely affect your sale. So, choose a decent as well as smart price.

Advertisement matters a lot

TV advertising

Advertising is vital in attracting the attention of your target audiences. Although, there are several mediums to reach customers like radio, newspaper, print, internet, FMCG TV ads give best and frequent results while targeting any market.

Don’t fake anything

Always keep in mind that customers do not like to be fooled. So while advertising, highlight only the true benefit of the product and never hype anything or make fake claims. People tend to buy only those products that stand to the claim by the company.

Include offers

Offers are a powerful weapon while advertising. Use it in a clever way. Try to attract the attention of the paying customers by enticing discount and bonus.

Keep up your supply

supply management

To sustain your partnership with the dealers, you must have a full-fledged and maintained supply chain. No dealer would stake his/her reputation to deliver your product to their clients. So, always maintain your resource.

Be a reliable service

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers will make you a trustworthy business in the market. Winning hearts of customers is very important if you want to sustain for a longer run. Make after-sale of your business available to every customer. A reliable company remains accessible to its customers 24×7. Respond to their queries and built a satisfied class of customers in the market.

Built healthy relationship in your industry

A strong network of dealers is responsible to a great extent behind the success of business. So try to maintain a good relationship with them.

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