Teen Birthday Party Planning: How to Pull it off like a Boss

Teenagers are a tough crowd. They’re still your kids but they also want to be treated like adults. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a great and supporting parent. One of the ways to show you understand them is to plan their birthday party.

Of course, this is not as easy as it seems. Since teens are often worried about their appearance, you’ll have a real challenge on your hands to do it just right. This means you have to make it about them without drawing any unwanted attention to them. It sounds complicated, but with a little strategizing, it can actually turn out great for you and your teenager.


Call the BFFs

You child’s BFFs will be your most trusted allies in the planning process. They know what is hip and trendy in the teenage world, and will help you with the guest list. Closest friends of your child know what is cool so that will be a great help when it comes to the décor ideas.

Additionally, BFFs will know what kind of music to play, drinks and snacks to prepare. If there is anything you’re not sure of, they can find out for you. In addition, they can help you with the birthday gift and cake. They will also take your child out of the house while you decorate it for the surprise party.


Invitation only

Invitation only parties are not just good for keeping the number of guests in check. They will also give exclusivity to the party and make your teen feel special. You can make custom invitations or choose from the catalog. It would be great if you could add a personal touch to the invitations. Something that can make them unique like a decoration, wording or drawing will suffice.

Talk to other parents

Talking to someone who already had a similar experience is always good to help you prepare. This is where other parents can really be helpful. Ask them for advice and how to keep it cool. Also, they might have some important contacts for the caterers or decorations, so don’t forget to ask. It’s useful to have pointers from someone who already went through organizing and planning their teen’s party.


Set the rules

Rules are very important for teenagers. First of them should be that alcohol is not allowed. This doesn’t mean that your child will bring it, but it applies to every person attending the party. Also, set a curfew. You can enter the start and end time for the party in the invitations. Make sure that it’s clear which parts of the home are off limits, like your home office, bedroom or upper floors for example.


Notify the neighbors

Since teenage parties can’t go without noise, make sure that your neighbors are informed about it. You can visit them with a nice fruit or muffin basket to show your appreciation for their understanding. The last thing you want is police or angry neighbor interrupting the party. Also, talk to your child’s BFFs about the order at the party. Ask them to make sure that no one breaks anything or gets into fights.


Assign tasks

You can do the party by yourself, but it’s more fun and easier if you assign tasks to others. This includes grandparents, your spouse, child’s BFFs, favorite cousins and family friends. More precisely, everyone important to your child. This way you will get more done and can hide parts of the decorations at their home so your teen doesn’t find them.


Be original

One thing that can really make the whole party unique for your teen is to be original. Be modern and create an unforgettable DJ hire experience in your backyard. Add the chocolate fondue to the food, and fresh fruit and vegetable snacks with freshly made sauces. Teens today mind what they eat and value good food. Also, create a bar area with bartenders to make alcohol-free cocktails and fresh juices.

Although it may be scary to throw a party for your teenager, it will also be good for the bonding and show them you understand their age. After all, we were all teens once and know how sensitive that age can be.


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