Which Tests to do Before Trying to Get Pregnant

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The overal concept of pregnancy seems quite simple – a male sperm reaches a female egg and nine months after its fertilisation, a baby is born. No matter how smooth the process seem to you, it demands a series of tests and checkups at regular intervals. You might get fed up with these medical examinations, but it is only for you and your baby. If you are planning a family, read this blog to know about the important checkup sessions you need to undergo at a reputed clinic in London.

  • Pre-pregnancy test

It is the most important step to know whether you are fit enough to carry a baby in your womb. So, before you wave a goodbye at those birth control pills, book an appointment with your private gynaecologist in London. Discuss about your family health history, your husband’s medical conditions and of course your health. Let your doctor know about your curent medications, food habits and daily lifestyle. Only after getting these information, the gynae specialist can decide the list of treatments required for you.

Certain medical checkups like blood test and urine test are importnat to keep your immunisation record. Various immunity tests are also performed to identify your current health state.

  • Prenatal vaccinations

During pregnancy, a woman’s immunity is lowered and this she gets easily suscetible to infections. Therefore, prenatal vaccination is recommended for expecting moms. If you are planning to conceive in the flu season, a flu shot is necessary as a protection. The first few weeks are very crucial as you might not even know if your are already pregnant.

During pregnancy, you can’t get the vaccinations for rubella and varicella, so, better get checked for immunity and take the required vaccines before pregnancy. Rememeber, you cannot try conceiving for at least a month after the vaccination. If accidentally you suffer from chicken pox during pregnancy, chances are high that the baby will have risk of skin scarring, eye inflammation, underdeveloped legs and arms, developing congenital varicella syndrome and brain development issues.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

Several sexually transmitted diseases can affect your and your child’s health and might even lead to unfertility. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are STDs that are difficult to detect as the patinet doesn’t feel any symptoms. These infections can cause damage of fallopian tubes and pelvic inflammatory disease, ultimately resulting to infertility.

When you undergo a test for STD, your gynaecologist in London will check you for diseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia, shyphilis, HIV and many more. Another important point, ask your doctor to give you hepaitis B shot if you haven’t got it yet. You can easily get the vaccination before or during the pregnancy.

  • Genetic screening

In majority of the cases, this factor is ignored, however it is equally important. Your gae, family background, health conditions, everyhing affects your child’s health. There are chances that your child might also acquire a symptoms genetically.

In a nutshell, if you are planning to increase a number in your family, that is before you plan your pregnancy, get somne important tests done at a private gynaecology clinic in London. This will not only diagnose your health but also, protect your child from harmful diseases and infections.

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