The Cheapest Custom Essays: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Almost all writing services claim that their assistance costs almost nothing, but it is rarely true. However, as in any market, there are more and less expensive options, and sometimes you can stumble upon truly cheap offers. Should you avoid them or should you seize the moment? Every situation is different, and we can’t answer this question once and forever, but what truly matters is that you should have a set of personal priorities when it comes to the security, price range, and quality. We gathered pros and cons of the cheapest custom essays and tried to be as objective as possible. We hope you will use this information to your advantage.

Pros of the Cheapest Custom Essays

  1. You don’t get ripped off.  This one was pretty obvious, ha? We have to state it because once you get lucky with the quality, you really save a rather substantial sum of money.
  2. You don’t get unnecessary extras. Many companies drive up the price for their service adding some extra features, which you actually don’t need. With the agencies offering modest prices you get exactly what you came for — a custom written paper and nothing else. It may lack the consistency of formatting, but it will be a solid text which you can use for your own work.
  3. You don’t pay for the sham. Mostly the websites of the companies offering the lowest prices don’t look fancy. But they are working, and it is the major point. They don’t add some cosmic features, the design is rather poor, but they don’t increase your order’s price based on the salary of their designer or marketing specialist.

Cons of the Cheapest Custom Essays

  1. They might be written by the ESL writers. Though the company will most probably claim all the writers are native speakers of the English language it is not easy to check. So you should be prepared to find some awkward phrases in the final draft. However, nowadays, such agencies often have ENL proofreaders, so you will never tell the difference.
  2. The support team is not responsive enough. We don’t mean they are rude or unprofessional, we just mean you will wait for their response for some considerable time. Not always, but be ready. It is only logical — to have an extended support team working 24/7 to cover all time zones companies should invest substantial sums of money, and if they do, they will have to increase the prices. So if you have time to wait, if you order in advance, feel free to save money this way.
  3. Placing urgent orders is risky. You know the classic idea that nothing can be done fast, at the highest level of quality and an affordable price at the same time, you have to choose two. Though most of the companies live up to their quality promises lately, ordering urgent papers from the cheapest online writing service looks like an unnecessary risk. Bigger and more expensive agencies have more writers at their disposal and those writers can collaborate to deal with your complex and urgent assignment, not letting you down.

cheapest essays writing service

You should remember that the cheapest essays e.g. from are not the indicator of the scam agency. Companies decrease their costs employing new technologies, saving money on fancy designs and prioritize returning clients, not to spend too much on the advertising. Of course, if you find some ridiculously low prices like three times smaller than the average, you should think twice, but other than that you can feel rather relaxed.

Of course, there are almost no guarantees. What we tried to explain here is that the price is not the only indicator you should pay attention to. You have to think about the security and quality guarantees provided by the particular agency, you have to check whether the website operates at least more than a year and you should not be afraid to ask questions. More of it, the perfect way to check the liability of the particular agency is not reading testimonials, but checking the transparency. For example, some custom writing services have online calculators so you can see the price immediately. Pay attention to the details, and stay on the safe side. Good luck!

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