The Guide to Create a Structure for Dissertation Writing

When writing a thesis for your Ph.D., you need to submit an independent research project as a part of the postgraduate or the undergraduate degree. This research project is referred to as Dissertation writing. It takes a lot of time and efforts to write the dissertation. Once you have decided the topic, you need to create a structure for the dissertation. Having said that, here are the six pointers to include in the dissertation writing.

#1 Title Page

You need to be careful about the title of your research, as it is the perfect opportunity to attract the reader in the first look. When selecting a title remember that it should be concise, straight and should represent the idea behind your research.

#2 Abstract

The ‘Abstract’ might be the shortest piece of writing in your research, but it is actually the summary of the entire project so be careful and concise in writing it. It is recommended that you write it when you are done with your research work.

#3 Introduction

The introduction is like the prep-ground for the main part of your dissertation. Here you should aim to give reader an idea of what they should expect from your research. The theme of your project should be clear; you may also mention the kind of approach that you have used in your research.

#4 Methods and Discussions

Depending on the nature of your research, you now must take an empirical or a non-empirical route to discuss the methods that you have used. You must describe the different methods that you have used to investigate.

#5 Conclusion

Without a well-drawn conclusion, your work might look like a pointless interpretation. You must wrap up your findings and declare an outcome.

# 6 References

Finally, include all the references and mention them in a style that is required or prescribed by professors. Make sure that you include all the references.


The basic structure of most dissertation writings remains the same. However, before you embark on any substantial writer as a dissertation writer you first need to be certain of the requirements regarding the project. For instance, the maximum words, which topics are to be included, the content that is required and the marking scheme that the examiner will follow. But at times, Dissertation writing can be rather difficult. If you are facing any such issues it is best advised that you seek help from a professional dissertation writer, but remember to approach a reputable dissertation writing service provider.

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