Things to Consider While Selling Home in Winter Season

Sweet winter home

Just in case you have missed out the opportunity to sell your house in the peak seasons of spring and summer, then don’t waste your time in over thinking about the financial losses. You can still sell your residential dwelling at reasonable profits, provided that you are following the right strategy with a bit of hard work to stand out your lodging space among the heaps. Moreover, to ensure profits it is necessary to follow few basic things while planning to sell your home in fall and winter season.

Here I am sharing few crucial tips, which will enable you to sell your house during off-seasons of fall and winter.

Potential buyers always inspect interiors and exteriors while buying a property. Displaying exterior photographs in summer or spring season will enable to portray an original image of your housing unit. As seasonal changes during fall and winter can’t be controlled, you can easily keep the surrounding clean. Neatly shovelled pathways and driveways are important not only to maintain the safety but also to keep a place aesthetically pleasing.

Pay extra attention on indoor maintenance

When it comes to maintaining indoors in the winter season it includes a range of air-conditioning and heating devices installed in every home to keep the temperatures comfortable. Serious buyers thoroughly check the condition and functionality of boilers and water heaters. Inspect all such appliances and rectify before showing your house to prospective buyers.

Keep your place illuminated

As we all know days become shorter during winter and in the lack of daylight your beautiful house appear darker. The best way to fight this darkness turn on all the lights. Also, install landscape lights in the garden, backyard and pathways to expose the beauty even in the darkness. Schedule the viewing during the day, open blinds and drapes to lighten up your space with daylight. Don’t forget to clean the windows as untidy fixture may annoy the buyers. If you don’t have points on wall and ceilings to add more light, floor lamps can be conveniently added to illuminate the place. Sufficient lighting is necessary for both exteriors and interiors.

Emphasise seasonal features

Instead of regular structures/fixtures like doors windows and other appliances every home possesses few seasonal specific items like fireplaces, decks, swimming pools and outdoor shower area. You can smartly show off these fixtures to create the right impression in the mind of buyers. No matter the air-conditioning system is working efficiently, you can always leave a strong impression with a clean and functional fireplace present in the living room. You can lit a fire to create a cosy atmosphere. Besides, this doesn’t forget to clean and organise the finished basement as an indoor play area for kids or home gym.

Don’t over decorate your place

Fall and winter are known for their festivities, celebrations and holidays. You can take the advantage of after decorating your lodging space accordingly. However, avoid overdoing with religious themes. Adornment is not about occupying all the free space with decorative items, rather it’s about filling the empty walls and corners with suitable decorative items. A small Christmas tree in the living room, indoor plants in the corners, scented candles, fancy lights and small rugs can beauty your interiors. Being festive doesn’t mean to cross the limits. It’s better if you ask your real estate agent to know the type and limit of decoration.

Price it rightly

Being a seller you must not want to settle for the price less than the actual worth of your home. You can’t ignore the fact of receiving lesser number of interested buyers. Pricing becomes very critical during off seasons. To avoid experiencing difficulties to sell your property, you should honestly calculate the actual worth after comparing the asset prices in the market. It enhances your self-confidence and protects you from accepting offers with low asking prices.

Consider motivated buyers only

If you observe the market trends in different seasons, you will find a clear difference in the total number of individuals interested in purchasing properties in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Among these seasons, spring is the hottest seasons with a maximum number of buyers whereas winter is known to receive the fewer home buyers. This makes selling home tougher; however, a professional broker can help you to identify the genuine offer.


Before concluding I would like to thank Banke and its business bay apartments & offices sales department for sharing some amazing useful insights with us. Although, the market doesn’t show a massive number of transactions during the winter season, you can successfully sell your residential property at reasonable profits after careful planning and staging.

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