Things You Should Know Before Adopting A Child

By looking at several celebrities stepping ahead for child adoption, the process may seem easy to you. However, a child adoption is a lengthy process which involves a number of dealings, paperwork as well as money. If you are thinking about child adoption, here are some facts you must know about it.

Domestic and international adoption

Several people carry a myth that intercountry adoption are very common. However, domestic and international adoption are both common. The decision is entirely personal whether it is to adopt from an authorized foreign country or within the native country. Cost is the second factor which alters this decision. Domestic adoption are less expensive that international ones. Besides, the process also varies a lot in both cases. For the domestic adoption, you generally need an agency or lawyer. But, for international adoption, you need an organization that also works in child’s country.

Open adoption

Most people assume that in an open adoption birth parents play a major role in child’s life even after adoption. But, it is not the case. In the majority of the cases of open adoption, the parties (majorly third party) involved in the adoption process optimizes the level of ongoing contact before the baby is born. Information exchanged between the birth parents, and adoption family is decided on the defined parameters through a middleman.

Agencies and lawyers

While choosing a private adoption, there are three ways – child adoption service or agency, a lawyer or a combination of both.

Child adoption services have a set parameters you will have to follow from applying to paperwork. By choosing an agency, you get the complete service and support, but you have to conform to the criteria decided by the agency as well as birth parents involved in the selection. It may create an unpredictable period.

If you choose an adoption lawyer, you both seek out the birth mother on your own level. It involves emailing the resumes to doctors or advertising through different networks. Although you become free from the regulations of a child adoption services, it can’t be said how much time and cost will vary. Also, at some parts of the world like Colorado and Massachusetts, it is illegal to adopt through a lawyer.

Foster care

The aim of foster care is to able to return the child to his/her birth parents. However, it isn’t always possible. In majority of cases, foster children become eligible to be adopted, but only a small percentage of them get adopted. Adopting a child is very different from foster care when we talk about costs and timelines. The fees are usually lowered by the government and foster parents also become eligible for government-sponsored subsidies.

Home studies

During a home study, the adoption family has to share a great deal of information about themselves, their family and their home life. The home study is a final set of written docs which is prepared by a social worker during the last step process involved in adoption. The process includes documentation, interviews, and sessions which are done in order to identify whether you are eligible to adopt or not. The document which is drafted by the social worker outlines particular details about your family such as financial condition, neighborhood, and health history of the family. If the adoptive family carries any doubt regarding financial challenges or criminal record, they should openly tell them about it.


The adoption process may seem simple, but it carries a string of steps that make it complicated. Besides, there are several myths also associated with the process. It is better that you rely on facts before planning for an adoption.

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