All The Things You Must Surely Tell Prospective Buyers About Your Home

Home, house or property sellers can be involved in their prospective buyers’ lives via various ways. They are opportune to tell buyer secrets that were possibly unclear in their dealings with the realtor or the advertisement. You know the good and not-so-good features of your house more than anyone else and how much you reveal is up to you. Think like the buyer – you don’t want to purchase a shiny house only to discover a cracked foundation. The rule of thumb is to treat them as you love being treated yourself. Here are some things you should tell before the documents are signed.


Tell the great features of your neighbourhood which you love. Tell what you know about property styling in Sutherland Shire. Tell them about your kids and your neighbours’ kids. Moving isn’t easy for buyers that have kids as they must consider the way in which the move will influence their kids. Be honest if there are concerns as your information puts their mind at ease.

Home quirks;

Point any quirks in your house to potential buyers. Sometimes, buyers and inspectors fail to notice small quirks. If you won’t be doing the renovations before the deal closes, then you should be truly honest about anything that might require updating or renovation. Additionally, lead the buyers on a tour of the house pointing out areas in which you have fixed minor issues.


Buyers will truly appreciate your insights into what caring for your property entails. This creates an image of what living in your property is like or will be like and assists them in deciding whether or not such a situation is good with them.

Even after property styling St. George, being honest and going for the right buyer at this stage of the process is the best you can do.

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