A Few Things to Remember in Making Your Conservatory Energy-Efficient

A properly designed and organised conservatory fabulously holds higher energy efficiency and improves comfort level in your home. Energy efficient conservatory helps you in a lot of ways, whether it is saving money on energy bills or rendering environmental benefits. Do you own a home in the beautiful city of London but are not aware of the right glass company to help you with glazing? That is no problem, as there are many efficient glaziers in the city to help you. Meanwhile, here are some of the advantages of having a double glass glazing conservatory and how it helps with its energy efficiency.

Creates a Buffer Zone

  • When you add a conservatory to your home, it minimises the total energy use by developing a “buffer zone” amid outdoor and indoor living areas.
  • Escaping heat through the walls when enters the conservatory, creates a warm environment during winters.
  • Passing through the open doors between your conservatory and home, the occupied heat can re-heat your home walls in winters.
  • The buffer effect of capturing natural heat makes you responsible towards the environment and helps you save on energy bills as well.

Increased Thermal Efficiency

A reputed double glazing repairs company in London has skilled designers, who can build conservatory with different degrees of heat efficiency. You can discuss with them on:

  • High quality double glazed doors amid the conservatory and home which offer extra security and thermal efficiency.
  • The solar control layers of the observatory manage the amount of heat energy transferred to the living space.
  • The low-emission coating on the inner walls of the double glazed windows reduces heat loss from radiators.
  • The heating appliances in your home enable you to control the temperature in the conservatory separately through their exclusive thermostatic controls.

As such, using natural ventilation, through top opening windows, roof vents or even trickle ventilators prove to be more economical as well as eco-friendly as compared to air conditioning.


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Consider Green Credentials for your Conservatory

Green or environment-friendly credentials are crucial for the conservatory in your home. Consider using natural glass glazing to achieve the credentials. Also use a lot of recycled materials for the purpose. It is also important to ensure that the crucial components that are used can be recycled once the conservatory’s life gets over. These include:

  • Glass, which is 100% recyclable
  • Aluminium, which is reusable upto 95%
  • PVC, which is also reusable several times

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there is timber, which can also be recycled, if comes from a dependable source.

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