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Charcoal grills are the go-to hardware for summer. Whether it’s going on a huge camping trip with the whole family, tailgating at a sports game, or just grilling food out back for friends and family, the charcoal grill is present. Perhaps it can even be considered the staple of summer. When it comes to searching for a good, reliable charcoal grill, the market is vast and the choices are endless. That’s why I will vouch for a charcoal grill that is only sold on one website but is still beloved by the consumers and, for lack of a real name, will be referred to as The Grill.

charcoal grill

It’s true that The Grill has no real name. The Grill is produced by a company called B&G Beautiful Gardener and sold only on The “name” of the product as seen on is “Charcoal Grill 17 in with Steel Cooking Grate for Home Garden Barbecue Tool Sets Outdoor Smokers BBQ grilling charcoal Round Portable Charcoal Kettle Grills for Backyard Tailgate Party Camping.” My speculation is that most of the business for The Grill is due to the buzzwords in its title. However, this does not mean The Grill is not worthy of the business it draws in. In fact, the overall star ranking for The Grill is a solid four out of five stars and sits at Amazon’s number one best seller in charcoal grills. It goes without saying the The Grill is a heavy contender against the other charcoal grills of the summer.

One of the best aspects of The Grill is that is is inexpensive. There are many other charcoal grills that are ranked four or five stars on or even on other websites, but this charcoal grill is arguably the best “bang for your buck.” When The Grill is not on sale, the retail value is $119.79, but typically The Grill can be found on sale, even as low as $47.99. Spending less than fifty dollars for a charcoal grill could mean poor quality and flimsy or fragile components, but such is not the case with The Grill. Unfortunately, The Grill is not suitable for a smoker, as it is a charcoal kettle grill, but is still an incredibly good grill for its price.

charcoal grill

The Grill has several features that the average charcoal grill owner would firstly, expect out of a charcoal grill and secondly, want in a charcoal grill. Firstly, the material of The Grill is porcelain-coated steel. The steel guarantees durability while the porcelain coating provides protection. The Grill is circular in shape and has two legs and two wheels for support.The wheels provide ease of mobility, making it perfect for on-the-go. The circular rack for The Grill, as alluded to by its title, is seventeen inches in diameter. This is more than enough room to fit four large burgers at once or several hot dogs and kabobs in one sitting. The Grill stands at twenty-six inches, with the lid, at approximately upper-thigh height for an average adult. The overall weight of this charcoal grill comes to approximately eleven pounds. This may seem small, but it is allows for The Grill to be lighter, easier to transport, and easier to set up. The only issue with its size is the possibility of a larger animal or young child knocking it over by accident. Be sure to practice good grilling safety by keeping animals and children away from fire hazards.

Another great feature of The Grill is its adjustable air vents. The air vents are important to note for the charcoal grill owner, as they are designed to control temperature within the grill itself. The ability to control temperature is a known necessity for any cook, grill cook, or otherwise. The Grill also has an easily removable ash catcher. A problem with some charcoal grills is that the ashes from the charcoal fall and dirty the ground or anything sitting on a lower rack. The ash catcher catches the falling ashes, preventing any mess. When finished with the charcoal grill, simply remove the ash catcher, dispose of the ashes, and wipe the catcher clean.

When getting the grill in the mail, you’ll have to assemble it yourself. This may seem daunting but the instruction manual on assembly and use is clear and easy to understand. There is also a video on’s website that instructs the user how to assemble The Grill. This too goes without saying that since The Grill is easy to assemble, it is easy to disassemble and clean.

Lastly, there are a few features that come from purchasing it on, the only place you can purchase The Grill. One such feature is the widely appreciated thirty day guarantee. Simply put, the thirty day guarantee is the offer to refund or replace The Grill within thirty days if you are unsatisfied with the product. The packaging The Grill is shipped in is secure and clean and not difficult to dig through and unbox. Overall, The Grill is absolutely deserving of the “Favorite Charcoal Grill” and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a new charcoal grill.

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